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Survival on planet Earth



Possibly it makes no difference to the sun, whether life on Earth survives or not, but none the less is their daily, beaming existence a decisive factor for our survival. As a part of our galaxy the sun is only one of many other stars, which can be observed for ages, beside other galaxies, on clear nights in the sky. The constellations recorded by our ancestors can still be observed and our present astronomers give enormous periods for the life span of galaxies and their stars.


So, no matter how this bright beaming giants were created, the concept of longevity is based in them. All these beaming heavenly bodies endure through space and time - they 'survive' in a sense.


If we look at the lower category of celestial bodies that don‘t emit their own radiation, like planets and moons, we find for one thing here indeed a more complex structure of motion vectors moving these objects through space, but on the other hand these objects still have a higher permanence as the bright celestial bodies. Here we can find energy in the form of matter, as gases, liquids or solids in all possible densities, but mostly energetically balanced, neutral, inert and resistant.


The matter of higher density gives to the matter of lower density form, order and hold, as for example beds for lakes and the oceans to keep the water or through gravitation, gases become bound to the planet, which keeps its atmosphere.


The permanence of all these things in itself is survival and this is a base for all the other ways of survival. By examining earth, the 'special case' in our Solar system, we will find besides the inanimate Earth's masses of course matter, which is animated by something – life.


Within the inanimate physical universe all dependencies seem to be ordered from greater strength and mass towards smaller force and mass. The black hole keeps the galaxy together, the star the planets and the planets it’s satellites.


But if we consider the living matter we encounter, according to the logic, what came first is a basis for all later developments, a reversal of these circumstances. The algae and the plankton in the oceans and the microorganisms in the soil can well survive without humans. But vice versa all higher developed beings depend completely on these lower life forms.


Algae and plankton represent the beginning of the food chain for all living creatures in the water and an astronomical number of microorganisms transformed the barren earth's crust into fertile soil and so provides a basis for plant life. Plants are the basis of food for many mammals. The predator feed from other mammals and is decimating their population to prevent overpopulation. The flora renews the oxygen in the air, needed for the metabolism of humans and animals.


We are dealing here in the area of animated matter with a similar held in balance state, as at the level of dead matter, whose energy is maintained in balance to achieve a stable state.


What does this amount to? It amounts to continuity and stability - survival. Survival seems as concept behind all these creations, the animate as well as the inanimate existence.


It seems as if the whole existence is a sequence of creations, whereby the later structures where adapted to the earlier conditions with the ulterior motive to achieve the best possible survival, under the given circumstances.


Apart from one, in Zecharia Sitchin's book "The 12th Planet" postulated brown dwarf or some comets, which could come too close to earth, we basically have on this planet excellent survival conditions for life. Considering the tremendous amount of space surrounding earth, such a potential threat relativizes itself very quickly.


Nevertheless, the playing field of earth and its players were tuned so perfectly on each other that from this, heavenly states could arise. Even the German dictionary “Duden” gives a sample application for the word “paradisical” that talks about 'the original paradisical state of man.'


In our present civilizations, however, this 'original paradisical state of man' does not open ones heart easily and if this isn’t due to a brown dwarf and comets, the causes must lie much closer.


Could it be that the biggest survival threat, for life on this planet, can be found on the earth itself?



Which survival threat ?


Considering only the inanimate, purely physical part of our planet, you can find enough places which are anything else but paradisical.


Living in the vicinity of an active volcano is not always a pleasure, especially not when it breaks out and streams of hot lava are pouring over our belongings or a volcanic earthquake destroys your House completely. There, where the continental plates collide together or in other regions of earthquake recurring disasters can occur.


The positive side of the hot rotating core of earth is it’s protection through a magnetic field from harmful rays of outer space. Actually we can be rather glad that there is still heat and movement under the steady crust. Unless great cosmic forces from outer space act on our planet, this tectonic disasters however should rather reduce than increase.


These areas affected are sufficiently known, and the degree of danger may be be estimated well through application of modern seismic measuring methods. There are enough untapped, safe areas that could be an alternative habitat. A constructive society would make plans to favour such a relocation. Not on the basis of forced relocation but on the basis of a support to make this possible and to make it easier.


Every person should continue to have the right to decide where he wants to live, whether, in the desert, arctic, volcano, earthquake, tsunami flooding or a storm prone region, as long as he is aware of the consequences and wants to wear responsibility for it. Every individual that it is aware that it lives in such a risk area and ready to carry the consequences for it does not require state regulations. Self-determination and personal responsibility are the inalienable rights of all people.


A constructive, benevolent government remains constantly aware of the inalienable rights of their citizens!


Such a government does not intervene in all the interests of actual or imaginary dangers for their citizens. Countries with such governments are on the decline because they actively generate through excessive patronage of their citizens, passivity and inability in their own population. The best rulers and governments in the past have been those, who have not to convince us day and night of their “important opinions” about everything, but have been loved by the people due to their modesty. A good government is recognized by the fact that they need not to get much attention, nevertheless everything in the country runs harmoniously well. A good government does not need many media suport to help their "opinions and decisions" through propaganda for "acceptance". A good government impresses with a sharp and healthy sense, which can be fathomed by any citizen. The solutions of such a government lead to a rapid handling of emerging situations, so no crises arise in the first place.

Maybe we haven´t experienced such governments much too long. Instead, we are showered from our media with permanent bad news about dangers through disasters, crises, wars, illness and famine. Dramatic, threatening pictures, statistics and reports on all these Chaos Broadcasters, create a daily recurring picture of complex chaos. "There are no simple solutions, as some lateral thinkers want to make us believe” warns the experts and polititians through the media. Daily reports show us how our politicians day and night, selfless and without affiliation are ringing in a heroic fight for our all survival. So we gradually come to the conclusion that we can only rely on our authority.

“What a relieve that they are so honest with us and always enlighten us about the causes of all these problems. The citizens itself seem to be part of the problem! Now since we have this scientific PCR test, we can prove it - man is the host for this dangerous virus. At the sake of heavens, just keep the distance, draw masks over, disinfects you and stays at home in isolation.”

"It's really bad, because almost every citizen only dies of this disease - Covid-19. Thank God, that in this complicated world, now the simplicity wins and for a complex disease a is now a small virus the only single cause. But the best thing about everything is that no one has to worry about the protection from this bad illness, but there is now an equally simple solution - a vaccine and only a vaccine can protect us. - But wired that vaccination should be the only solution? - Oh no, not such thoughts - we can rely on on our awesome government. They take care of so many things, otherwise they would not worry about our future and participate in these climate conferences. I am glad that I do not have to worry about the future of this planet because our government takes care of this problem! "

I hope this short excursion in the head of a citizen has shown, how propaganda and governments that interfere in everything create irresponsibility. For a slave society this would meet, but for a blooming, free society probably not. There is a very interesting point of view of responsibility that says: "Responsibility also does not allow interference to be admited". However, this is required in a free society of each of its citizens. This is the price of freedom, so to speak: "A constant alertness with the willingness to fight back anytime"

But lets come back to our original question: Which survival threat? This is obvious to many of the consumers of the chaos media broadcasters: "The threatening climate catastrophe."

In my childhood, I grew up at a very busy street. The exhaust odor I was exposed to every day, has increasingly worried me. The traffic has increased steadily from year to year and my intuitive thought was: "And you people really believe that you can go on in that way for ever?" Soon after that, I read the book "Limits of Growth" from the "Club of Rome". The book has almost confirmed these intuitive thoughts in me.

I am not a friend of our fire culture with the long tradition to produce energy exclusively by combustion and heat. I know that there are better solutions, because we live in a sea of energy, that we do not use. I will take a closer look at this in a later article.

What I personally don´t like at all, regarding this combustion solution, is the pollution of the air and the noise (streetnoise for the residents) associated with this technology. I am quite certain that this circumstances have a bad effect on the health conditions of the exposed people.

I am not sufficiently well informed for a final judgment on the subject of "climate change", "global warming" "greenhouse effect" "Greenhouse Earth" and the resulting "climate crisis" or “climate catastrophe”. The so-called greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO), methane (CH) and water vapor (HO) are considered as the major factors for a global warming.

However, I came across a book with the title "War Weapon Planet Earth" a few years ago. With the technological means performed in this book, the weather and all kinds of physical disasters could be influenced.

I don't know whether this technology is really used currently, but if such vulcanological and tectonic disasters actually increase, without that you can apply cosmic events of such necessary magnitude, then one could conclude that there is actually this human influence. However, considering the recent weather developments in Germany with tornadoes and thunder storms, which hardly move from the site, it can be recognised as very unusual phenomena.


Recorded on 16.juli 2021 Mez 1900 clock Eberswalde north of Berlin



An immediate independent investigation should take place, to explore, whether these unusual weather developments are based on military technologies, like Chemtrails in conjunction with scalar technology or by human excessive combustion interference and/or favoured by other causes. The induced floods and their damage on man and material, are more than sufficient justification for such measures.


A responsible society would bring with the above mentioned technology rain in drylands and deserts to utilize this land and to create a habitat for their people. They would not support it, if a negative impact on other populated areas could not be excluded, but if a negative impact cannot be avoided, they would only tolerate this, if unpopulated areas would be affected. No constructive society would ever use this technology for warfare, to suppress or make single countries or populations docile.


There is ample safe habitat for the people on this planet, and no one should be compelled to live in a natural disaster prone area.



Population Boom Video


Werner Boote, the director of the documentaries “Plastic Planet” and “Population Boom” said in an interview: “The problem is not the number of people in a population, it is the way in which we live that we have to strive for and that we have to change. ”Farida Akther (from the Institute for Basic Research, Bangladesh) says in the film “Population Boom”: “When we speak of population, then we look at people's mouths and the amount they eat, but we don´t look on her two hands. There are always two hands and a mouth. The mouth of the rich is much larger than the mouth of the poor and their two hands do not work.” Could it be that the rich and powerful of this planet precisely want to point out this aspect of the problem when they speak of “useless eaters” in the process of dramatizing their overpopulation problems.


Perhaps Henry A. Kissinger (as the mouthpiece of the Council of 300) would like to tell us urgently, but not so direct, through the flowers:


Look, we have never, in all our existence, produced anything really useful and productive - on the contrary - we have only brought you wars and devastation. So if we procreate too much, it will be catastrophic.”


From his very personal perspective, I have to say – even he could be right!


If both the raw forces of nature on earth and the cosmic forces around the earth are not the most immediately significant threats - WHO or WHAT is it?



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