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Now we come back to the 3rd Reich, our starting point under the heading groups. Hitler himself was part of the cult's bloodline and was in a family relationship with the Austrian branch of the Rothschild family. Before he becomes active in Germany, there is a period of 10 months in Austria, of which it is not known where he was. He is known to have been under psychiatric control throughout his dictatorship. He was funded by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.


The wars and crises controlled by the cult usually serve multiple purposes, but primarily to increase their wealth in order to expand the power of the cult to the total control of humanity.


One of the secondary purposes of the artificially created racial madness and the human experiments associated with it in the concentration camps was once again used for genetic research on living human bodies in order to realize later plans to control humanity using drugs and psychotropic drugs as well as genetic and electronic mental methods.

(supporting the later projects Tavistock and MK Ultra)


While one can speculate that the establishment of this fascist system and its wars was a cult experiment to test whether one could attain world domination in this way, fact is that this system provided the essential scientific basis for it . From the cult's point of view, Operation Paperclip put experienced staff and important information into the “ right hands”.


Later on, under the term “Alternative 3, you will find further methods of recruiting staff for the cult's secret technological projects. In the field of genetic research, the underground Dulce Base is probably the best known. Knowing the aims of the cult, what is to be to researched in such secret laboratories?


Elon Mask talks in an interview about a project to connect AI (artificial intelligence) with humans, but he at least expresses his concerns. His contribution to this topic is through his company SpaceX to send 5G satellites into space in order to flood the earth with 5G millimeter waves. On Friday, August 7th, 2020 another 57 satellites were launched, so there are now 595 "Starlink" satellites from SpaceX in orbit. The beta tests that follow in September will cover the northern United States and southern Canada. On July 29, Amazon received approval from the FCC to send an additional 3,236 satellites into the ionosphere. OneWeb has applied for 47,844 satellites to be launched into the ionosphere. If all planned projects are carried out by SpaceX, Amazon and OneWeb, we will have around 92,000 satellites. If you add the plans of Iridium, Globalstar, Facebook and Link, as well as the Canadian companies Kepler and Telesat, the Chinese "Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation" and the Russian Roscosmos, we will soon end up with 100,000 satellites orbiting in our earth ionosphere. The 100,000 planned 5G satellites have to be renewed every 5-10 years. For the sole purpose of the renovation would have every year 10,000 satellites sent into space. Can you imagine the resulting radiation exposure from 5G and the environmental impact of the burned rocket fuels along with their waste products like chlorine, nitrogen oxides and aluminum etc. In addition, 10,000 disused satellites would have to be burned in the atmosphere every year, turning them into poisonous dust and smoke that trickles noiselessly onto the earth.


Through the wars and crises staged by the cult so far, these 12 bloodlines and their supporters have come to enormous wealth. Their plans to plunge every government on the planet into enormous debts have paid off. They currently own most of the planet and will soon dominate all of the infrastructure on the planet. From their point of view, a new flood or a nuclear war would be unfavorable, because they would lose all their property, earned by devious means. But they do not want to give up their goal of a completely enslaved society that serves them exclusively. How could they solve this problem?


Let's look at the problem from a cult point of view:


Well, first of all, one would have to reduce these “useless masses”, because they are unpredictable, especially when they are hoarded together in groups and strong families. It is important to make people look like something bad and dangerous. They are destroying the planet, that is what makes them evil. A biological weapon would be nice too. That makes them dangerous, because they could infect other people. If they are dangerous to each other in this way, then they must keep their distance and are no longer allowed to maintain social contacts. That drives them apart like frightened sheep. They are supposed to keep their mouth shut, accept everything and wear masks. Yes, and they should comply with hygiene rules, ah that's a good keyword - wasn't that also the trick we used to get the Nazi gang to send their prisoners to the gas chambers. Good point, good point - warming up old methods – surely this works excellently in Germany. Finally, we also got the Chancellor to do her homework so that she can sell the stupid people anything that will ruin them. Now it's the turn on the people themselves. "


I can literally hear the dialogue from this psychological think tank coming up with this scenario. Common sense is very much in demand during these times, but it still exists, as this article on the subject shows.


But that's just the psychological aspect of this crisis. If you look at the media sponsored by the cult, it really becomes almost embarrassing. From the first day this crisis was announced, there was the talk of a novel virus. Not even a virus has been isolated, but it is a novel virus. Wuhan has the highest air pollution in the region and 5G was used there very early on. But it's a virus and it's novel - pure intuition or what? Our "critical" media report like a mantra, every day on all television and radio channels, of a novel virus and its dangers. There is no questioning or doubting and those citizens who dare to think for themselves are branded by the same media as right-wing extremists, fringe groups or minorities. This can by no means be described as balanced, critical reporting, but at best a conformist ritual.


It is not a question of whether the virus was novel or not, but that this could not have been known at the time, except that the virus would have created artificially in a laboratory and from this knowledge the term novel has been passed on by mistake, so to speak. But these reports could also be just a willful deceit or a staged operation under a false flag.


The statistic that interests me most in the case of such a worldwide dramatized “pandemic” would be how much the death rate has risen in the months since the pandemic compared to the death rate in the same time period of the previous year. Either I missed the show or it was never discussed.


So here we have obviously two illogical data for every citizen to digest, the information at the wrong instant of time and the other, a distortion of importance through the use of irrelevant statistics .


The "pandemic" started in Wuhan. Just before COVID-19 hit , 5G was introduced in Wuhan. 5G transmitters were installed on New York street lights just before the first COVID-19 cases occurred in NY. COVID-19 withdraws oxygen out of the blood, while the radio waves of the very dense 5G radiation field prevents that the inhaled oxygen can be supplied unrestricted to the cells . In an animal experiment from 1977 it was found that exposure to low millimeter waves meant that the cells of the animals could no longer utilize the oxygen they breathe: the cells of the exposed animals had up to 64% less oxygen than those Cells of the non-exposed animals. The many combustion engines in the huge metropolitan areas convert the oxygen into CO₂. The lack of oxygen in the air of these densely populated areas, additionally exacerbates the problem for the organisms of being able to absorb enough oxygen. The sum of all these circumstances explains the many acute cases in large cities such as New York, Wuhan and in regions with high traffic such as North Rhine-Westphalia or northern Italy. Wearing masks also prevents the body from receiving sufficient oxygen and on top of that pollutes the wearers body with its own exhaled CO₂.


The Corona Virus on its own is just another infectious virus, but when combined with 5G and adverse environmental factors, it is fatal. Considering the Corona Virus as the single cause for COVID-19 does not resolve the problem, because it is not the only cause of the problem. But the Corona Virus can be used to educate people to obedience to the authorities by selling and forcing them to wear masks to exacerbate the problem as a remedy. It can also be used to disguise environmental factors as the source of physical problems by insisting on a single false cause. It can also be used to enforce PCR Tests and Vaccinations on people, to install Nano-Technology Particles in their bodies. The Corona Virus created in the laboratory can also be used to cover up contamination of vaccines previously put into circulation. How do you do that? A virologist is asked by the WHO to develop a test that uses computer algorithms averaged values from certain virus databases so that it also reacts to the ingredients of previously injected vaccines. And so with the stroke of a pen - a smear for a PCR Test - the test person who is actually a vaccination victim becomes a statistical victim of the Corona Virus. This way, the statistics for positive test results can be kept high, as the ingredients of previous vaccinations help them to get positive results. A free pass in American vaccination legislation encouraged and legalized this sloppy practice. But that's not all, you can also use the liquid crystal structure of certain viruses to install nanotechnology in the human body in order to connect the human body with artificial intelligence using 6G. This allows direct control over the mind and body of the human being.


You might realize that all of this is not as hypothetical as I have described it here if you listen to an excerpt from an interview with Heiko Schöning that I have compiled for you from Bio360. The Tobacco Mosaic Virus and the Corona Virus are both ideally suited for the development of nanotechnology using the process of biomineralization. This may even be the real reason why the decision was made to use tobacco plants as a basis for the new Corona Vaccine . It looks like it would be very worthwhile to research these developments in depth.




Personally, I came to the conclusion that there are no pathogen viruses in nature, but manmade "Gain of Function" experiments are the source of the problem. The following assumption by Rudolf Steiner seems much more likely to me:


"Well, viruses are just the waste of a toxic cell. Viruses are just pieces of RNA or DNA with some other protein that has broken out of the cell. It happens when the cells are poisoned. THEY ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF ANYTHING "


I would just add a small addition to this great statement. It also happens when cells are exposed to certain frequencies, especially when it comes to vibrations in the Tera-Hertz-Range , as is the case above 5G, in the range of 6G. UV radiation kills viruses because the wavelength of these rays corresponds to the size of the virus. Viruses are destroyed immediately because they are not living organisms. Radiations whose wavelengths correspond to those of human cells can damage and destroy our cells. The frequencies of these rays are lower than in the UV-Range because human cells are larger than viruses. Rays whose wavelengths are in the range of the order of magnitude of human cells are located in the Tera-Hertz-Range. Because human cells are living organisms , they are not immediately destroyed by rays at the wavelengths of their own size. At first there is a detachment of RNA & DNA material together with some other proteins. When this happens one speaks of a virus , which can then leave the cell as a virion in order to migrate further through the organism and to dock onto other undamaged cell. All of this can happen when human cells are exposed to radiation from a sufficiently strong field in the Tera-Hertz-Range.


One could imagine wearing a knight's armor or a ball of water around the body against the Tera-Hz Radiation, this would certainly be more effective than a mask against a plandemic. - Laughter ... - Well, wouldn't it make more sense to do something about the planer and causer of the problem ?


But that "concept of a virus" is useful to the cult in so many ways. Even the old goals of bankrupting any government are being expanded and surpassed by this "pandemic," which is now bringing its remaining competition, the independent middle class, to its knees. The ordinary citizen and the middle class can no longer hold their property. The governments disguise their responsibilities and prefer to drown in the debts caused by them. In the end, payday is announced to the cult. The national debts are then settled by transferring the property of the citizens to the cult. Great plan - right?


The Corona Virus "pandemic" thus follows the principle of maximum damage, which can bring the continually destructive person into true ecstasy. That is the real reason why it should not end from the cult´s point of view, it increases the ecstasy so nicely!


But predictions for future world developments from 2017 to 2025 are circulating on the Internet even without considering a pandemic. So they have entered into this computer calculation what unfavorable factors were already present before the “pandemic” - environmental pollution from industry and transport of air, water and food, etc., as well as radiation exposure through planned new technologies.


What does the cult really want to achieve through this "pandemic" ?




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