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The architects of the horror

Coming back to the second aspect of our original question. How was a disaster of this cruelty possible?

Following on the tradition of Kaufmann-Therapy (electric shock for 'War neurotics') during the first World War and building up on Gobineaus racial theory which concerned less the races in itself than rather the contrasts and subdivision of the social "classes" in "aristocracy" and "proletariat" the psychiatrist Gustav Liebermeister, as one of the first ones invented the formula of the "cultural person" and the "compulsive person". In his treatise on the so-called war neuroses, he made clear that first of all between " high-standing people “ and " compulsive people " must be distinguished. According to this subdivision the " compulsive people " (soldier) should be treated very near to front, while the "cultural people" (officers) should cure her illness in the native country and „ not be recalled too early “ again in the field.

Gobineaus main doctrine culminated in the finding 'that all civilizations originate from the white race'. The Gobineauian racial theories were continued by the Frenchman G. Vacher de Lapouge, also an aristocrat, to the pure doctrine of the 'superiority of the so-called Aryan race'. In the sphere of this nobleman's people worship the theory of an all-embracing eugenics and racial hygiene was first formulated.

Race hygiene calls literally nothing else than "hygiene", "cleanness" of the race.

Eugenics is composed of the Greek words eu (good) and Gennan (produce), 'produces good', literally, or more scientific means the term 'science for genetic hygiene’. In fact, it was subsequently used as interchangeable term with the word 'racial hygiene'. This means that the theory of the eugenics says that certain hereditary factors had to be considered as favorable, other than unfavorably.

But which were favorable? Now, favorable were the "hereditary-healthy", the non-sick people and the Aryans.

The term genetic biology aims in the same direction here, man is reduced to mere biological substance. Specifically, the person would be only a piece of meat and from the hereditary factors contained therein one could determine, learn and know everything about him.

In the moment when the eugenics, the alleged science of the 'right' genetic, celebrated wedding with the racial theories of Darwin and Gobineaus, the disaster had happened. Psychiatrists took up the races-theoretical considerations proven by nothing and linked it with the so-called eugenics - their theory about the inheritance. The close alliance was perfect. Eugenics and race hygiene had become interchangeable terms and formed what the basis of the Aryan master race cult represents.

The physician and eugenicist Dr. med., Dr. phil.h.c. Alfred Plotz can be referred to as the founder of psychiatric breeding thoughts. With his 1895 published work 'The ability of our race and the protection of the weak,' he laid the foundations for German eugenics. A quote from:

If it turns out however, that the newborn is a feeble and wayward child, so a gentle death is made by the doctors College, which decides the citizen letter of society, lets say through a small dose morphine... (... The parents) don’t treat themselves with long-rebellious feelings, but try it a second time fresh and cheerful, if this is them allowed according to the testimony about the reproductive capacity. “

1911 published the psychiatrist Ernst Rüdin and Prof. Dr. Max Gruber a population study on: 'Reproduction, inheritance, racial hygiene' some excerpts to read as follows:


All nations must drag an exceptionally big number of inferior, weaklings, sickly and cripples with themselves. … The demand of the ‘organization of systematic elevations’ about that is the next which the race hygiene has to provide to the state management. “

Does this not remind very much to the aforementioned report forms which the employees of the German state and private welfare and nursing institutions had to fill out 20 years later for the T4 experts? And yet a short excerpt:

With a moral renewal alone,... with awakening again by social morality, of truly nationalist attitude and lifestyle in our present, continually about social reform declamatory egoists, it is therefore not enough. Hopefully, the time is not far where the legislature is able to see, that the individuals of the population for this service of breeding a brave young...

Only in this way will be to meet also the destructive evils of so-called women emancipation.

By a wise legislation in this direction (…) if the necessary breeding choice was able to be also done at the same time in the most rational way. The voluntary sterility of the physically and morally inferior would then only be encouraged! “


In 1911 this hereditary-hygienic legislation was demanded for the first time in big style. 22 years later it should last, until this wish should go into fulfillment.

The first important step on the way for the destruction of „ life which is not worth living“ was the constraint sterilization, which was to be understood as an " important cultural task “ and involves for its implementation the entire medical community, the local authorities, the teachers, the welfare institutions, the community nurses and midwives. Nevertheless, the legislation stood in the way of the constraint sterilization in the big style. Subsequently the prominent psychiatrist Gustav Aschaffenburg came along to develop the theoretical bases for the genocide of the "inferior" further. Throughout his life he had pronounced itself for the sterilization of the 'pest of the people’ and devised one of the corresponding legislation.

In 1920, a memorable writing about euthanasia was written by the psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry in Freiburg Alfred E. Hoche and Karl Binding, who brought it to the President.

62 sides comprehensive writing can be summarized as follows:

  1. If the death is imminent to seriously ill or wounded, the ordeal may be reduced by a drug.

  2. This kind of conscious advancement of death is however no killing plot, but 'in reality a pure treatment'

  3. Even an unconscious, for example, due to an accident must undergo euthanasia, without that this may have legal consequences.

  4. There are people who have no value for society. This includes primarily the occupant of 'mental homes' – domiciles of 'not only worthless, but absolutely negative evaluated existences'.

  5. The group of the terminally stupid that neither can consent to a killing, nor express any desire to live, may be killed. Literally: 'Their death tears not the slightest gap - except perhaps in the sense of the mother or the loyal nurse.' … In times of higher morality... you would probably officially redeem these poor people from themselves. '

This laid the cornerstone for the development which should get twenty years later to its horrific climax. Hoche and Binding give the following economic reasons as a justification:


The question of whether the effort required for these categories of ballast existences was justified in all directions, was not urgent in the bygone times of prosperity: now it has changed, and we must seriously deal with it! “


If we remember the economic circumstances from the previous article „ architects of the chaos “, we see how here the plan of the " architects of the horror “ finds a logical supplement. In 1912 the psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin from the German Psychiatric Association was entrusted with a study for the development of a Psychiatric Research Institute. With funds from Krupp, the German Association of Chemical Industry and the American sponsors James Loeb and the Rockefeller Foundation, the German Institute for Psychiatric Research in Munich (consisting of brain research department, psychiatric genetic research, experimental psychology, Blood- [serology] and Chemical Research) was financed and opened in Munich on. 13 June 1928 in the Kraeplinstraße 2.

Human geneticist Fritz Lenz worked in the time from 1919 to 1933 for the " archive of biology for races and society “ at the foremost front. Together with Erwin Bauer and Eugene Fischer as coauthors the book „ human hereditary apprenticeship and race hygiene “ appeared in 1921 in Munich.

In the own words of Lenz it is clear that he himself - was Hitler's forerunner - among others:

From really eugenic books has Hitler, as I heard, read the second edition of the Bauer-Fischer-Lenz, namely during his imprisonment in Landsberg. Some passages from it are reflected in phrases of Hitler. In any case, he has adopted the essential thoughts of the race hygiene and her meaning with big spiritual energy, while most academic authorities to these questions still faced quite without understanding. “

These are the original roots for the theory of the “genocide of the inferior". In 4 July in 1933, finally the law of the sterilization was remitted. With it the old claim of many psychiatrists and doctors from the time of the Republic of Weimar was redeemed.

Rüdins comment to the 'law for the prevention of hereditary diseased offspring':


With the adoption of the law for the prevention of hereditary diseased offspring, the national-socialist German Government has done a significant step for the future of our people. Our earlier governments could not come in its whole setting and after composition to a decision in this question as generally the German parliamentary system has proved incapable of fundamentally new ways to save our people. Only the national-socialist world view has directed the look of our people in the future, we have refocused on the meaning of life, the purpose of our state, the fight for the continuity and life of the family, the kind and the race! Hitler writes in his book „ My fight “: ‘ Who is not physically and spiritually healthy, may not perpetuate his grief in the body of his child ... ‘

The law is therefore regarded as a breach in the rubble and the pusillanimity of an outdated ideology and an exaggerated suicidal charity of past centuries. “


Not only Hitler after 1933, but the physician and eugenicist Dr. med., Dr. phil.h.c. Alfred Plotz, the psychiatrist Rüdin with Professor Max Gruber, psychiatrist Alfred E. Hoche together with the lawyer Binding as well as human geneticists Fritz Lenz laid out in their dramatic appeals, the reasons for the eradication logically down - so logical that they were taken freely from a large number of people. The aim is not to justify Hitler and his murderous gangs, but to point out the origins of antisocial thoughts, to make it comprehensible what seems all so incomprehensible to us here. Especially in the environment of this destructive characters with intellectual painting, it seems to get to a kind of mental contagion. Some people who get a good reason for a setting or way of action (especially if this juridically, academically and economically is "underpinned") incline to drop internal moral barriers and unleash destructive, antisocial urges. In this manner antisocial supporters let the absurd thoughts of oppressive psychiatrists become a reality.

So let us step into the horror cabinet of the architects of horror. On the 30th January, 1933 the born Austrian Adolf Hitler is elected as the German Chancellor. In mid-March, the Interior Minister Goering declared the fight against 'dirt' - whatever that meant. On March 22, the first concentration camp is opened in Dachau. Neglected members of society are to be accommodated there and educated. The 'subhuman' should be turned off, sates the “Reichsführer” of the SS Heinrich Himmler before troop commanders. On 14 July 1933, the 'Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring' gets adopted, the effective date is January 1, 1934. Main initiator of this law is, as already mentioned, Ernst Rüdin, director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry (German Institute for Psychiatric Research in Munich). It will now be sterilized in large numbers (from 1934 and 1945 from 100,000 to 350,000 people, many of them later euthanasia supplied) and discarded. Many are supplied for purely political reasons to the sterilization.

The psychiatrist Werner Heyde, born 1902 in Würzburg (continued to practice after the war under the name Dr. Swade, by taking note of his colleagues), writes the beginning of March 1933, a psychiatric opinion on a mentally ill, which will millions of people  get doomed. Theodor Eickes, admitted as a public danger, is classified by Heyde as dismissal capable and not dangerous. However, the dismissal Eickes succeed only after Heyde sits down to an understanding with Himmler immediately – because of the authority responsible for release from custody of police in Ludwigshafen had in fact ignored the opinion and had preferred to believe more his common sense than one of a psychiatrist. Eicke, SS-Standartenführer, becomes still in 1933 the first commander of Dachau and in 1934 Chief of Staff and boss of all concentration camps, as well as from 1936 the first leader of the SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS-death's-head federations).

A characterizing quote from the SS-Kampfblatt (SS Fight Gazette) of March 18, 1937:

One would have to create a law that the nature helps to its right. The nature would let this life-unworthy creature starve. We would be more human and prepare for him a painless mercy death. That's the only humanity that is mounted in such cases, and it is a hundred times more noble, decent and humane than those cowardice that hides behind the humanitarianism and burdens the poor creature, with the load of maintenance of its existence on the family and community. “

Heyde wrote in his resume on January 1, 1939:


In 1936 I was urgently asked … to furnish the psychiatric-neurological and hereditary-biological supervision of the concentration camps and to lead and to take over a psychiatric-neurological consultant's activity for the secret state police. “


Thus begins a fatal chain of events. From 1937 troublemakers and habitual criminals are systematically transferred to concentration camps. Welfare organizations also call for 'walkers, drinkers, work-shy, caring pupils and already sterilized, moronic women to find those and to arrest them”. From the law for the “prevention of hereditary diseased offspring” a witch hunt that eventually culminates in the 'euthanasia' developed gradually. Hitler and his Waffen-SS, eager 'to cleanse the national body', spurred by the eugenic doctrines of Lenz, Rüdin and others are pushing toward a radical solution.

Again, psychiatrist helpful assist the NAZI regime.

Professor Werner Villinger, psychiatrist and leading doctor in Bethel, introduces the concept of „ endogenous Work-shyness “ and leads it back to hereditary reasons (endogenously from the inside, inherited).

An employee of Rüdins classifies hobos as hereditary psychopaths and moronic. Even non-moronic people are called 'camouflaged imbeciles' who wear the mask of cunning. Who is normal, but annoying, is classified as 'camouflaged imbeciles'! Thus communists, pacifists and confirmed democrats – they all are in reality 'camouflaged imbeciles' in the eyes of the psychiatry.

Now a full-scale action begins against all "shirkers", "criminals", "alcoholics", "hobos", "beggars" and "troublemakers", whatever the National Socialists understand by it. Everybody is arrested practically which is a burden by his behavior „ to the society. “

The law is therefore regarded as a breach in the rubble and the pusillanimity of an outdated ideology and an exaggerated suicidal charity of past centuries. “

In 1936, with the official beginning Heydes as a psychiatric leader of all KZs, the deportations from the institutions begin. The occupant of church and charitable institutions are transferred to state institutions, including Hadamar, a later killing centre.

The propagandistic preparation of the "euthanasia" begins possibly at the same time. Visitors are guided through psychiatric institutions to demonstrate the need for genetic hygiene and euthanasia on the living object; graduates write school essays about euthanasia. The discharge of the State funds plays a role that is superior to all other arguments.

The first one officially registered case of legitimized homicide – from euthanasia – occurs in the beginning of 1939. On the 1st September, 1939 the written license is given for killing by Adolf Hitler, with the following text:


Imperial leader Bouhler and MD Brandt are asked under responsibility to extend the competence of in particular named determined doctors, so that after human judgement incurably sick persons are granted by critical judgement of their sick person's state the mercy death. “

At the same date German troops occur in Poland and kick off the 2nd World War. Because now human bodies in the 3. Reich may become a scarce commodity an official stop of sterilizing disposes. The marriage fitness does not have to be certified any longer and it should be sterilized only in exceptional cases.

After the suggested model from the year 1920, of the earlier mentioned psychiatrist Alfred Hoche and Karl Binding, the disguised destruction campaign T4 against all "inferior", under the direction of imperial leader and boss of the Chancellery of the Reich of leader Phillip Bouhler gets started. Bouhler and Brand get the kids and adults euthanasia assigned and select the necessary technical personnel.

The following doctors and psychiatrists are in particular known: the full professors for neurology and psychiatry Max de Crinis (Berlin), Carl Schneider (Heidelberg), Berthold Kihn (Jena), and the promoted professor Werner Heyde (Würzburg). In addition, for the child euthanasia Wentzler, Unger and Heinze, furthermore the asylum headmasters Dr. Pfannmüller (Eglfing-Haar) and Dr. Bender (Berlin-Buch) and later professor Nitsche (Sonnenstein at Pirna).

The " action mercy death “ disposed by Adolf Hitler, should be carried out secretly by well-chosen and politically reliable psychiatrists, doctors and nurses. The justification for the action is that hospital space for the wounded of the impending war should be created. Although Hitler reject a legislative regulation of foreign politically reasons, but everyone who participates is protected from prosecution.

Carbon monoxide gas should be used for the extinction. The I.G. Farben industry takes over the production of the gas.

All persons responsible know that Hitler rejects a legal regulation for political reasons. In other words what happens during the next just six years, on account of a confidential writing, in the different homicide institutions in Germany, Austria and Poland, is unlawful even according to the laws of the Third Reich. The master of the killing, which now go to work, have no legal permit for their cruel work of destruction at any time.

On the 9th October a decree which instructs the obligatory registration about institution inmates, according to certain criteria, is ordered to all institutions of the empire. The decree is so camouflaged that the impression is created, a better organization of the sick person's care in the course of the war-conditioned measures, is the purpose of the reporting forms.

In Berlin the killing headquarters is founded under the name „Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft Heil- und Pflegeanstalten“ (Imperial Association hospitals and nursing homes). Their headquarter is from April, 1940 in Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin (codename T4). The number of people to be covered by the action is already estimated in early October to 70,000. A number that will still be significant in the further course events.

In addition to the Senior Expert Werner Heyde are 30 other experts, mainly psychiatrists, appointed. In each case three doctors should decide on a case with the help of the satisfactory reporting forms, which arrive in big numbers at the T4, by an anonymous post office box specially furnished for it. The experts earn decent money for their work. So an expert psychiatrist from October 1940 receives an allowance of 100 Reichsmark, for the evaluation of up to 500 forms, in the month up to 2,000 forms 200 Reichsmark, 3,500 forms 300 Reichsmark and about 400 Reichsmark. Doctors acting as experts, work like on an Assembly line, although this activity is to perform in addition to their regular work. Dr. Pfannmüller from Haar at Munich processed in three weeks 2,000 reporting forms, another - Dr. Schreck - in nine months 15,000 forms, in his own words 'very conscientious.'

A witness reports that an examining doctor worked even „ in a public bar by a glass of wine “.

At the Berlin headquarters (T4) the report forms of the “Reichsdeutschen staatlichen und privaten Heil- und Pflegeanstalten” (German Reich Government and Private Hospitals and Nursing homes) arrive in large numbers. The administrative process is meticulous set.

The report forms are photocopied and sent from the central office in each of three referees and then to a Senior Expert. The three psychiatric doctors who have to make their decision, highlight with a red '+' sign, if the person is to kill, and with a blue '-' - mark, if he can stay alive. The top expert has the last word and must make a final decision in cases of doubt. One of the top experts is Heyde, the second Linden, later replaced by the psychiatrist Nitsche. In cases of doubt the very last decision lies at Brack an economist who understands neither something from medicine nor psychiatry.

The T4 headquarters runs financial profits with the action. These are caused by the fact that several days sometimes weeks elapse between killing day and alleged date of death, in which the institution stay still has to be paid. These matters are handled by the Central Clearing Division of the Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Handing over his post to his successor, Hans-Joachim Becker, the head of the Clearing House has already 14 million Reichsmarks on the account.

On 18 November resolves with the founding of „Gemeinnützigen Krankentransport GmbH“ ('charitable ambulance Ltd'), in short GEKRAT, the transport problem, to transfer the patients selected by the experts into the institutions of extinction.

Beginning December 1939 the first evacuations of the mentally ill are carried out from today's Polish Institute Meseritz. The people are treated worse than cattle, that you go to the slaughterhouse. They are thrown by soldiers on the truck platform. According to witnesses, many of them will receive a 'sedative' with an overdose of scopolamine (an anticonvulsant). An eyewitness reported:


... The sick were given a few minutes later a shock, which manifested itself in the form of foam on his lips, stopping the reaction ability, protrusion of the eyes, followed by the inability to move the limbs. “


At the middle of January, 1940 the first test homicides take place under the direction of Brack and psychiatrist Heyde. An eyewitness's report:

About 18-20 people were led by the nursing staff in this 'shower room', in this first gasification. These men had to undress in an anteroom, so they were completely naked. The door was closed behind them. These people walked quietly into the room and showed no signs of excitement. Dr. Widmann operated the gas system, through the peephole I could observe that after possibly one minute the people tipped over or lay on benches. No scenes or riots have taken place there. After another five minutes, the room was ventilated. Especially assigned SS people brought the dead out of the room on special wearing stretchers and brought them to the incinerators. “


The seemingly good success of this sample killings and other similar gassings boosted production now in the killing centers. In parallel other homicide actions take place in occupied Poland by moving gas cars.

Outwardly the appearance of natural causes is aroused. The members receive from the institution, into which the 'tragically deceased' had been postponed, news of the sudden death of her relatives. The notification letter will almost always have the same or similar wording as the cause of death to be heart failure, cerebral paralysis, or simply a fatal serious illness reported.

The involved psychiatrists – this would be stressed over and over again – carry out her official duty very conscientiously. About every murdered is recorded. Nobody disappears without the Registry Office is correctly informed.

When in August, 1941 the euthanasia is stopped by Hitler, the psychiatrists have crossed the called number of 70,000 coming passengers at around 273. No protest on the part of the involved psychiatrists is known; the homicide happens with priority from usefulness considerations as from an internal T4 document is evident:

Removal all that which are incapable to perform productive work even in institutions thus not only from spiritually dead people “

There are several speculations why euthanasia was stopped by Hitler, the most likely is that the amount of “damning patient material” originally specified as an estimated number was reached exactly until August 1941. The original action has therefore fulfilled its purpose - but not euthanasia as such. This is where the history takes a development which is highly dramatic, even in all their meanness no longer to understand.

Already since beginning of 1941 plans exist apparently in the office of the Führer (Adolf Hitler) on cleaning also the congested concentration camps of the "ballast existences” by using for it the homicide capacities of the T4. This cleanup runs under the file number and the name 'f14f13' and actually represents the precursor to the 'final solution' of the extermination of the Jews. In other words, now the psychiatric destruction models and the already proven staff are used for it to become active also in the concentration camps. From April on renowned doctors visit the concentration camps, including Heyde and Nitsche, the highest experts of T4. Nitsche about the criteria after those who get selected:


'The thorough combing of the KZs took place after exactly the same criteria with the help of the same report forms like of the asylums “


Really everything runs off after the known procedure: Messages of the 'sick' concentration camp inmates, transportation by GEKRAT and gasifying in the institutions Bernburg, Hartheim and Sonnenstein. In particular, it now meets Jews, Poles, and criminals pacifists. The killing centers have well after the official stop of the euthanasia more than enough work. However, now no more consolation letters are sent for the members and no more death certificates are issued. The official death of the prisoners takes place in the concentration camp.

A turning point occurs only on 27 April 1943, when the arms industry, after the defeats on the eastern front, must give their utmost. Now concentration camp prisoner are suddenly in demand as workers.

As the so-called final solution of the Jewish question is pending, also the know-how and the staff of the T4 will be requested. The action named after Reinhard Heydrich “ Operation Reinhard “ - the selection of the euthanasia staff for the Jew's extinction – begins quite precisely after the euthanasia stop in the second half of the year of 1941. Subsequently three extinction camps are furnished in Poland after the pattern of the German homicide institutions: in March, 1942 Belzec is put into operation, in May, 1942 Sobibor and in July, 1942 Treblinka. According to estimations at least 1.7 million people die only in these camps. The chambers are designed so that about 500 people can be led into the 'peaceful sleep' at the same time, however, the slaughter guards are not quite petty and sometimes create up to 1,500 people in much too small rooms. A responsible person reported:


When he was insisting on a high capacity utilization of the gas chambers, it happened also in the interest of the waiting Jews; because the faster the gassing was executed, the shorter the sufferings and fears of still not gased Jews were. This had excited his compassion especially during a severe frost in winter, because the naked and freezing would have to wait on their clearance, in the cold hose (waiting tunnel), sometimes at -20 degrees Celsius. Then he has exerted himself especially keenly for a quick and rational filling of the gas chambers to shorten the stay for the naked people in the sharp cold. “


The extermination of the Jews is an exact copy of the euthanasia carried out in Germany.

In addition Brack, the leader of the whole euthanasia:


According the situation may be no concerns, if those Jews who are not able to work, can be removed with the Brackish means. “


The eye witness Kurt Gerstein, even an SS Member, was so horrified during a visit on August 18, 1942 in one of the three camps that he wanted to push the Pope and the allies to intervene, but without success. He reported how Wirth, the inspector of all three camps, demonstrated him a mass destruction of 700-800 people:


The Inspector orders 'Good Packing', until the people stand on their feet. Gerstein reported how the diesel engine will not start and people start screaming out of the gas chambers, until finally 2 hours 49 minutes later the motor starts up, as the last are dead after a further 32 minutes, the work command opens the doors, while the dead still stand such as basalt columns, because they can not fall. How one throws out the corpses, blue, wet from sweat and urine, the legs full of excrement and menstruation blood. - Children in between, also babies. How the mouths of the dead people are opened with a hook, in search for golden crowns, teeth are quarried out, anuses and genitals are examined after hidden Brilliants, while outdoors in the hose, hundreds are held ready again, to the next gasification and extinction expert Wirth holds out to the shocked Gerstein a can with dental gold and says: ' Lift it, how much weight this gold has. ' “

When the 'euthanasia' was supposed to cease immediately due to Hitler’s decree from August 24, 1941, the psychiatric hospitals whispered in one or another form prompts to continue. An example gives the institution Hildburghausen, attended by the Council of State Professor Astel:

Dr. Astel asked us doctors at that time to continue the euthanasia. Although he did not mentioned the word 'euthanasia', in his words, however, was clearly evident that he expected it from us. “


Also the euthanasia of children is barely concerned by the euthanasia stop. The institution of Brandenburg-Görden counts under the direction of Prof. Heinze as a showpiece of the child-psychiatric Nazi research specialized division for children. Infamous also becomes the Idsteiner homicide institution Kalmenhof, here countless children are murdered. Children will be 'executed' usually with a syringe or a poison mixed in the food. A T4 doctor predicates:

A part of the child corpses was dissected by Prof. Hallervorden from Berlin and was taken for scientific evaluation. I believe it were a total of two transports. At that time professor Heinze was even in Brandenburg. “


In particular, there is interest on the part of the psychiatrist on the research into the brains of those killed; The Heidelberg University cooperates closely with the killing centres, to get supply of corresponding 'material'. Professor Hallervorden takes nearly 700 brains of the GEKTRAT in reception for the Berlin Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for brain research.

Let' s in addition Hallervorden, from a later examination, get a chance to speak:

I had found out that they wanted to do this and thus I went to them and said to them: 'Guys, if you want to kill all these people, then you take but at least the brains out, so that the material can be used.' They asked me how many I could investigate, and I told them, an unlimited number - the more the better. (...) It was wonderful material among those brains, beautiful mental illnesses, deformities and early childhood diseases. Of course I accepted the brains. Where they came from and how they came to me, really did not interest me. “

On the Eichberg in Rheingau one is interested not only in the brain studies, but there are also made human experiments with drugs on behalf of I.G. Farben. In this institution children and adults are killed without interruption to end of the war, under it east workers. Between the Eichberg and the Heidelberg Research Centre a quarrel about the brains breaks out; Professor Carl Schneider in Heidelberg is claiming a portion of so-called 'material' for his research.

In everything is the euthanasia Centre (T4) part of the game, organizing staff and killing material, will provide their know-how and their administrative resources. The 'T4' is actually the 'hard core' of the extinction efforts and not only the vanguard for the later onset of mass extermination of Jews, Gypsies, Poles and other 'life unworthy' life, it is in fact organizer, training centre and mental, as well as administrative head of the snake, which wreaks six years its devastating work.

Since the outbreak of war the whole propaganda was aimed almost exclusively on the war events, in this manner the "exterminators" could do their confidential activity, carry out silently behind the scenery without having to fear ever the light of the general public.

The propaganda machinery of the Nazi regime prevented until today the complete disclosure about who is behind the T4. With great difficulty, the relationships could be reconstructed; the whole dimension of the "T4" is analyzed to date absolutely insufficiently and their meaning is underestimated. The whole campaign of famous psychiatrists under the patronage of the NSDAP could go before and during the war proceed without much attention, remain as undetected even after the war. Only in the middle of the seventies started bit by bit a processing of this awful piece of the past. This processing has never taken place, nevertheless, up to now in all clearness.

The NS-Psychiatry was more than only a recipient of an order and order executor. Psychiatry was a co-initiator, if not the main driving force of the later peoples extermination on a grand scale. The real culprits were rarely mentioned in public, according to the name: Psychiatrists who had explained cold-blooded an ethnic cleansing program in cold blood under the guise of their pseudo-scientific assertions. Psychiatrists were the ringleaders in protected positions, who really demanded what should be done! It was psychiatrists in top positions such as the professors Max de Crinis and Carl Schneider, who were actively planning and implementing a 'Psychiatry of of destruction'.

So this is the missing piece in the puzzle of the history books, the fact that the 'T4' - the Psychiatry - is to make responsible to the full extent, to what happened in Germany, Poland and Austria between 1939 and 1945.


During the 44. Session of the Corona Hearing the Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav was heard by the German attorney Reiner Füllmich. This Interview can be found on my Telegram Chanel or as for alternative download.


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