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What is a virus?


Cells and viruses are the basic building blocks of all life organisms.

Viruses are primarily symbiotic particles.


These particles were conceived a very long time ago as symbiotic cell extensions. They represent a kind of communication, development and rescue system for cells integrated into tissues. A common problem of cells bound in organs and tissues is limited mobility. In order to promote the survivability of the single cell in the tissue/organ compound, as well as this entire cell group, despite the limited mobility of all individual cells belonging to this compound, the functionality of particles was devised, which can move freely both in the compound and outside of it.


It should be made possible for the individual cell in the tissue/organ compound to send out messages by sending out particles, today called 'virions', in order to inform the surrounding cells in or outside of the compound and thus promote the survivability of the entire troops.


So-called 'exosomes' come from virus particles that were originally integrated into the cells and leave the cells as 'virions' to inform and to stimulate necessary changes in the neighbors. This is what happens when people talk about 'viruses'. Virus, exosome and virion is one and the same particle, just in different states of action or inaction. In this sense of 'aliveness' they are also potential shape-shifters like all other microorganisms.


Rudolf Steiner summed it up with the statement:



“Well, viruses are simply excretions from a toxic cell.

Viruses are simply pieces of RNA or DNA with some other proteins

who broke out of the cell.

It happens when the cells are poisoned.



So the question is not whether viruses exist or not, the question is rather are these virus particles transmissible pathogens or do they follow symbiotic purposes. I know with absolute certainty that they are symbiotic, of the kind described above. It is possible to assume that these particles can contain toxins or more likely the information of toxins if, according to Steiner, they are released from poisoned cells.


However, the function of these particles was not devised to cause poisoning, but on the contrary, to inform, warn and initiate possible adjustments or changes. In their origin, these particles are intended to promote the survivability of the organism.


Scientists and especially physicians (these are nowadays only drilled into memorizing Latin words, saving them and spitting them out again within the framework of multiple answer options - they don't have to understand anything at all) are not protected from thinking in complete equality, due to this stereotypical training. In this way a particle that has only been poisoned or carries the information of a poison gets then discredited with designation of a poison.


If, however, in the age of data technology, one knows the potential of these particles in the field of physical communication, then it is of course obvious to any intelligent villain what one can do with them.


Step 1) Introduce the particle into society as a dangerous pathogenic particle.


Step 2) One generates fear of such particles.


Step 3) It is asserted that the immune system can be trained by administering similar toxins and pathogens.


Step 4) 'Vaccinations' are the alleged solution to achieve this.


Step 5) Assertion of terribly contagious and 'public health' is at risk have to be generated. A rough generalization, because there is no 'public health', but only distinguished health conditions of individuals. Each individual is responsible for their own state of health and will find this out themselves in the course of their lives.


Step 6) Since not all people can be manipulated by this propaganda of equality, the herd must be constrained and their freedoms restricted in order to protect others. Until they, too, are willing to take the needle.


Given the original purpose of viruses, it should now be clearer that the viral potential is excellent for the genetic modifications discussed above. The expression "gain of function" aims precisely at the exhaustion of this "potential". I don't know who perverted these viruses into real pathogens, how and why, I wasn't involved in that. That's a direction to investigate, because these fellows obviously had no benevolent intentions. Without an investigation in this direction, no end to this problem is foreseeable. Only the recognition of the correct cause can solve a problem. Who has a concern in such a problem?





If the wording of this quote is correct, it does not need a lot of imagination, in which circles we may find the villain we are looking for. Don't you believe that it is time to search for those Evidences?


Political Parties and individuals that promote the Narrative of the dangerous, disease-causing viruses, support, of course, indirectly active the Agenda of the 'WHO-Councils on Eugenics of 2009'. Everybody who tolerating that this pathogenic Potential is exploited by 'Gain of Function' experiments, is actively working on the Agenda of population reduction. Knowingly or unknowingly, that doesn't matter now, because you have received this information just now.


But all the fighters for freedom are invited to demand a public investigation. The following Link leads to a project with this goal.




At this point I actually wanted to add a link to the meaning of the word OTITO for you. Unfortunately, that didn't work anymore - why?


Possibly no one has noticed, but the full spiritual meaning of this wonderful, traditional meaning of the word OTITO - truth, reality, honesty, integrity, the truth that lies behind appearances - has simply been wiped out of any dictionaries on the internet within the last two years.


3 years ago when I first googled it, the full meaning was still available everywhere. Today many of these sites are offline or if they still exist then the definition is reduced entirely to one word: 'reality' and occasionally 'truth' has also been tolerated. Because there should only be 'one reality - one truth', namely that reality which is given and with which one gets allowance to agree. Mind you, if you search with a so-called 'alternative search engine', which many critical thinkers now use, the first search result is presented with the blow site - i.e. a propaganda site specially created for the critical public - i.e. also placed exactly on such search engine, where you expect this audience.



Well - that's certainly not exactly calculated - no - that can't be. No, no, that's certainly not conscious censorship - it's all just coincidence !? -


on the other hand it's a bit strange, why on earth should someone go, without much ado, through such an effort?


But - don't believe me anything, do your own research and connect the dots!





Definition of the word OTITO (from the Language Yoruba)

truth, reality, honesty, integrity, the truth that lies behind appearances




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