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Definitions of different viewpoints


for the concept of group:




From French groupe = "cluster, group" (17.Century), from Italian gruppo = "group, knot", which probably is Spanish grupo, from a German source, from Proto-Germanic kruppaz = "round mass, lump", part of the general group of Germanic kr- words in sense of = "rounded mass" (such as crop). Extended to "any assemblage, a number of individuals related in some way" (by 1736). "Pop music combo" from 1958 on. 


German dictionary „Meyers Lexikon in 25 volumes“, Volume 11 of 1974:


'In the social sciences a fuzzy and ambiguous used term for a quantity of mass or defined number of people, their special social relations with each other and to the outside. ...

The relations between their affiliated persons are relatively regularly and chronologically outlasting and the single group members have a certain consciousness of the togetherness and demarcation towards third, their common action towards common goals and interests is aimed and in pursuit of these purposes the group members keep and form a system of differentiated (based on the division of labor) roles and status. “



Meyers encyclopedia supplement 14 of in 1925-1932:


"In sociology a social structure within other social formations, characterized as a whole which has a life of its own, thus is relatively independent of the personal lives of its members and that it has an internal unit that gives the members the so-called “We” consciousness. (e.g. family, clan, league of men, tribe, people) The “We” consciousness appears in small groups as strongest because here the member's circle can be easily overlooked. The own way of life of the group lies in the persistence of its peculiar behavior, which has a creative effect to their members, while some leading members may also affect the spirit of the group.  ...

The individual understands his group as a whole, with very impressed groups (student connections, officer's corps, youth alliance) even as a kind of substance, of which the members are in a sense interpenetrated.”



what the Almighty has to say if he will be heard:


These are very good and practical means by which you can practice your basic qualities of brotherhood, communication and consensus with each other to restore maximum understanding between you again, so that you don't forget who once you have been and what you all since are. - constructive, lively spiritual beings!”

and after closer inspection:

For heaven's sake, what have they done now? The being (each soul itself) is the way, the truth and the life - did they hopefully notice that? Or have they maybe misunderstood it? I should keep an eye on it! ”




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