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On the subject Health



A lack of reason is the central barrier on the way of the people towards their paradise. Raising the ability of reason for every single being on earth is required to overcome this barrier. A basic requirement to be able to raise the reason of an individual at all, is essentially his physical and mental health. A deviation from optimum health reduces the ability to reason. Mental and physical illnesses can cause themselves mutually and often stick together in an interrelation. They reduce the survival of the individual concerned, both physically and spiritually. A gradual decrease in health leads to a gradual decrease of reason and survivability.


The physical consequences are a reduced dynamic – the ability to bring reasonable solutions into action. The responsibility for and control of the environment of a physically sick person tend to be lowered.


The mental effects are essentially a reduction of intelligence and thus a reduced ability to find optimum solutions for real problems and situations.


The sick person is not alone but it is, similar as also the interaction between the body and the spirit, in an interaction with other persons. Therefore, the disease of one individual adversely affects the survival of the people associated with. There may be both a physical but also a mental contagion.


So we get weakened families and groups by physical and mental illness. Families and groups are associated with other families and groups and interact with each other and so we get a weakened society up to a whole nation and ultimately the rationality of the whole mankind will suffer. Each individual being in this composition is important and counts!


If health is so important, then every single human being on this planet should know exactly what health is and how to maintain it.



The physical health


Physical health is the body in its origin state. The bodies were designed to be healthy, not to be sick. The construction of the human body was best adapted to the circumstances of this planet. The body of each person is thus basically healthy as long as it is exposed to the natural, life-friendly conditions of this planet, for which it was created.


If you have to face today an ill body, then something must have happened earlier in time, which made this body sick, otherwise he would be healthy, because the bodies have been created basically healthy.


This is even true for a body which was born sick, only that there are in this case mental or physical circumstances that lie before birth. So we come to the causes of diseases arising after the birth of the body and these can be as we have learned before, both of material and spiritual causes.



The material causes



Every living organism on this planet is in a constant exchange with other life forms and dead material substances around him. These interactions allow the metabolism and deliver the physical energy required for the survival of the organism. So there is a constant into and out of the body of substances, provided by this planet. Manages an organism it to get the correct things inside and get the wrong thing out, then he stays healthy. Thus we get an action definition of health:


Health is merely getting the right into the body

and getting the wrong out of the body


Most animals seem to have grasped this definition instinctively internal, because they eat usually only what is determined for them. If the cattleman intervenes and gives to his cows fodder which is fortified with dead meat of dead cows, this leads of course promptly to a disease in the cows. This makes sense to the most of us, but that this kind of just food has also been provided for the human organism by nature, has completely fallen into oblivion in our today's time. The person in his self-determination has it here exceptionally slightly more difficult than the animal.


It took me 50 years to realize the importance of 'the right thing into the body' and I know some of my relatives who have died because they have never found this out. However, the treacherous with the routine consumption of non-optimum food is, that the deviation from optimum health often goes ahead imperceptibly and gradually.


Much too often one gets used to certain unpleasant sensations and reactions of the body and if one is then after 30 years confronted with one of these chronic civilization illnesses, (diabetes, high blood pressure etc. …) one associates this no longer immediately with the cause of "a routine intake of wrong food“.


The exchange of an organism at physical level for the "right into“ and „the wrong out“ takes place in four principal areas:


  1. Radiation

  2. Air

  3. Water

  4. Food


If radioactive radiation or other harmful artificial technical rays are present, the body, which is located within a field of this radiation, is permanently exposed to this radiation. If this circumstance is not known and the body is not protected against it, these can have fatal results for the body. Therefore nuclear weapons need to be banned for all nations of earth and the nuclear power generation needs to be modified or replaced by alternative more life-friendly technologies.


The second largest burden on the people's bodies is contaminated oxygen-poor air, because this load strikes with every cycle of inhalation. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the measures required by the article 'Combustion versus climate' will be carried out quickly. A permanent solution of the electric drive motor, driven on means of free energy is essential for the elimination of internal combustion engines. The publication and implementation of already existing, but held under lock and key, patents and inventions must be required and enforced.


After the concern about our air man is most dependent on clean toxic free water. Poisons in agriculture, which affect the groundwater, whether cancer promoting or not, are categorically forbidden. Also the air pollution contributes through the rain to a deterioration of the water quality. The oxygen content in our oceans has been substantially reduced. The acidification of our water and soil is increasing, as well as the hyperacidity in our bodies. This factors alone are the main factors for the so called “diseases of civilization”. NOW action must be taken to reverse this process!


It is imperative that the primordial food of man gets segregated by independent, competent and constructive researchers. These plants are defined for every region of the planet and are cultivated worldwide, under conditions ideal for them. Biological patent rights should be categorically prohibited. Where this has already happened, these are denied.


Gene experiments for terrestrial purposes are relatively useless since the optimal adjustments for interaction were already included in the original designs. Rather, it is a matter of restoring the optimal conditions for these constructions. The only meaningful research in this direction is research on how life forms could be adapted to our neighboring planets in order to make life possible on these planets in the future and for alternative utilization. Once the ideal conditions for life are restored on Earth, the question of the need for genetic engineering to improve anything becomes obsolete. There is nothing to improve, it is rather about restoring the optimal condition of the original construction!


All of these things would have to happen quickly before we stray too far from our ideal scene and are propelled into artificial mundane transhumanism. If too many species are lost, the originally balanced overall concept will also suffer.


Therefore, all governments of this world will soon have to deal with more meaningful tasks than solving crises that a handful of mad criminals of this planet keep dreaming up with the intention of making us all their slaves - and you, dear socially oriented Citizens - can help to ensure that this paradigm shift occurs through new social structures with regional characteristics.


For the 'new governments' it will only be a matter of coordinating these regional structures well, so that they complement each other in the direction of optimal survival.


Before the plandemic, I had a vague hope that if we lobbied constructively enough, the current politicians could be turned into true representatives of the people. The pandemic has now clearly shown which side these pawns are on. The pandemic has clearly exposed them for what they really are - dishonorable, unscrupulous pawns willing to have their citizens killed by the pharmaceutical industry for a little money and certain conveniences by making the citizens (the treasury) pay for it. They are perfectly willing to destroy their country's citizens and economy under the pretext that they are concerned about the health of their citizens.


The state of situation is clear and the collected facts on this topic are so overwhelmingly clear that they only allow one conclusion. Since the beginning of this 'pandemic', these 'politicians' have acted as highly criminal, completely irresponsible public “relations officers”, who must be held fully accountable for their actions. They are not representatives of the people, but traitors to their citizens. I hereby apologize for my prior misjudgment.





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