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Achilles' heels




Constructively aligned people often struggle to imagine a mental state of perpetual destructiveness. The week spot of many social personalities is their inability to confront and conceive evilness. I have seen personally some positively and literally blown up companies with smashed able businessmen, unable to conceive and perceive a suppressive person in the first place, despite obvious indicators.


The ongoing destructive impulse of a suppressive person is primarily aimed against the original source of the overpowering and to everything which is thus equated in a reactive way. Thus, we can get a person, which is continually destructive towards people, but definitely can develop a great affection and care for animals. Absolutely evil does not exist just because it's an artificial and over the original goodness layered condition of human beings. Another indication for the original nature of such people can be seen in the fact that they lower the attacked targets constantly (make smaller, make bad, denigrate, criticism, statements to make crappy like worthless, useless eaters, stupid scum who deserves nothing more, and so on), in an attempt to justify the correctness of their own actions, so that it seem reasonable for its social fellows.


All these mechanisms make it harder for the constructive individuals to recognize the sources of destructive intentions. The weak point, which makes this person easy to spot, is their limited self-determination regarding their devastating attack targets, which is always this one way of, "best possible" (from his view), greatest possible destruction. In this respect the person is fully committed to destruction.


So if you know that you are dealing with a continually destructive person and you just have all the information that this person is ahold of, you can be always one step ahead of this person. You don't even have to undertake a journey into the mind of such a person, if you believe it is possible at all, but simply observe how the current situation develops under their influence.


You are able to anticipate the actions of the suppressive person, because the person can go regarding this sphere of life in one direction only - the direction of destruction. Self-determinism is reduced in that sphere to the degree that only destructive goals are the right goals, either on a dramatizing or a computational level.


Under the influence of 'Adolf Hitler' Germany in the 3rd Reich had to deal with a dramatizing psychotic (see level 1.5 of the table below). A dramatizing suppressor is fixed in the emotion band of anger and hate. He openly trumpets his destructive intentions, hoping to create a resonance. You will find more illustrative material on this in the following articles under “Groups”, but overall, Adolf never left the path he had taken, although there were numerous opportunities to do so. He had to 'go through with it'. It is not persistence as would be found in a social person. It's a compulsion he was subject to and he couldn't change it on his own.


In a slightly lower level of emotion we find the calculating psychotic (Stage 1.1). He is fixed in an emotion of covert hostility (resentment). Like any suppressive person too, this psychotic seeks to destroy, but here it is done slowly and unnoticed. It slowly decomposes and undermines, step by step. In a tricky way, he tries to manipulate and influence people so that they become more and more in agreement with this decomposition, until the whole of society brings about this state of decomposition and dissolution itself. In World War II, a war of the dramatizing psychotics, the whole thing ends in chaos with tremendous destruction and a dramatic bang (atomic bomb). World War 3 is meant to be the unnoticed war into chaos as it is instigated by calculating psychotics. It's just the more 'undramatic' alternative path to chaos. The clever calculating psychotic uses gradients of agreement until total submission and enslavement is achieved. Only then, he believes, would he be safe despite all his criminal misdeeds. So in the end there is not a dramatic bang, but rather a whimper of desperation in society.


While the table below is applicable to every human being, every social person moves up and down this scale throughout their lives, according to the situations and circumstances they encounter. However, there is a definite difference when dealing with a suppressive person.



Tone Emotion Ethic Level Handling of Truth courage Level Method used by subject to handle others.
4.0 Eagerness, exhilaration Bases ethics on reason. Very high ethic level. High concept of truth. High courage level. Gains support by creative enthusiasm and vitality backed by reason.
3.5 Strong interest / mild interest Heeds ethics of group but refines them higher as reason demands. Truthful. Courage displayed on reasonable risks. Gains support by creative reasoning and vitality.
3.0 Mild Interest / Content Follows ethics in which trained as honestly as possible. Moral. Cautious of asserting truths. Social lies. Conservative display of courage where risk is small. Invites support by practical reasoning and social graces.
2.5 Indifference / Boredom Treats ethics insincerely. Not particularly honest or dishonest. Insincere. Careless of facts. Neither courage nor cowardice. Neglect of danger. Careless of support from others.
2.0 Expressed resentment Below this point: Authoritarian. Chronically and bluntly dishonest when occasion arises. Truth twisted to suit antagonism. Reactive, unreasoning thrusts at danger. Nags and bluntly criticizes to demand compliance with wishes.
1.5 Anger Below this point: Criminal. Immoral. Actively dishonest. Destructive of any and all ethics. Blatant and destructive lying. Unreasonable bravery, usually damaging to self. Uses threats, punishment and alarming lies to dominate others.
1.1 Unexpressed resentment / Fear Sex Criminal. Negative ethics. Deviously dishonest without reason. Pseudo-ethical activities screen perversion of ethics. Ingenious and vicious perversions of truth. Covers lying artfully. Occasional Under-handed displays of action, otherwise cowardly. Nullifies others to get them to lever where they can be used. Devious and vicious means. Hypnotism, gossip. Seeks hidden control.
0.5 Grief / Apathy Non-existent. Not thinking. Obeying anyone Details facts with no concept of their reality. Complete Cowardice. Enturbulates others to control them. Cries for pity. Wild lying to gain sympathy.
0.1 Deepest apathy None. No reaction. No reaction. Pretends death so others will not think him dangerous and will go away.


In a suppressive person there is a total FIXATION on an emotion, regardless of the situations surrounding them. She is usually unable to comprehend actual situations due to her state of mind, but lives in her dream world of long-gone problems and dangers.



The full table can be found here.


However, a suppressive person is FIXED in one of these lower (blow 2.0) emotions. It is the ongoing destructive intent combined with a fixed tone level that reveals a truly suppressive person. This person can no longer change on their own.


If his currently dramatized 'solutions' do not produce the desired result of chaos and destruction, he will simply invent new destructive 'solutions.'


Living in constant fear of those around them, the perpetually destructive person also likes to pose himself as the benefactor of humanity, making generous 'charitable' endowments to combat humanity's 'hostages' to distract from their true motives. However, if you look at the results of such ventures, you will soon find that it is a PR event that is more in his own interests and does not bring about any significant improvements for others.


Their intentions can always be seen from the results of their actions.


All of us, as social individuals, have been guilty of great failures in our immediate past to keep this anti-social community in check. We have allowed incredible wealth to fall into the hands of this cabal to this day. Today, Mr. Global, the cabal, the cult, or whatever you want to call them, is able to impose their insane reality on any of our fellow citizens. Government, media, big pharma, and big tech are all in their hands. Masks - distance - hygiene, up to the lethal injection, which is of course disguised as a 'vaccination' only because of its own 'dangerousness' to protect the 'health' of others, have long since become the new reality. What is most agreed upon becomes reality. Essentially, reality is created by AGREEMENT. When illogic becomes the new reality, it becomes normal not to really solve problems. We then just stumble from one crisis to the next - from one problem to the next, without ever getting close to a real cause - without ever solving anything.








Educational work on this issue is an essential task

in order to solve this dangerous situation in which

we as humanity find ourselves.




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