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Final consideration


Let us do a sober conclusion to finish this parade of horror. No doubt, we have to do it here with a wide range of antisocial-oriented people. Germany had experienced a scenario in which perpetually devastating people and cyclically devastating people, could climb up together with an army of more obediently antisocial supporters, in positions of power by which the biggest human disaster of the 20th century was initiated.

But no matter how complex the concrete methods and procedures may be, permitting such violent excesses, there are nevertheless always fundamental mechanisms and patterns as they arise.

People can be extremely capable, very intelligent and very dynamic. They can also be incompetent, foolish and inactive. Some people are very intelligent, but not able to cause very much, due to lack of dynamic. Others can be very dynamic, active and busy, but the result is modest due to lack of intelligence. In short, a person can have in abundance or lack all possible qualities and this applies not only to the social personality, but in the same way also to the whole range of antisocial personalities.

The root of all earthly glory and all evil at the same time can be found in the minds of people. In a continually suppressive person the negative impulses predominate in such a way that this person CONSTANTLY is pushed to behaviour by which others should be made weaker, smaller, less able, less value, inferior, put under, embarrassed, stupid, disgraced, incompetent, incapable, dead etc. …

Depending on with which qualities an antisocial personality is equipped, these destructive impulses express in different ways. A dynamic, but not to intelligent antisocial person tents to use pure force, as a solution to his problem. A less dynamically aligned antisocial may act as detractor and mudslinger, just trying to make everything and everyone around him bad through nagging criticism. A dynamic and somewhat intellectual-oriented contemporary of this kind, may constantly concoct plans, how he can fool his fellow men and continually work on their implementation. If we have to do it with an accumulation of very capable, intelligent and dynamic antisocial people, who rise to positions of power, then it can come to a bad impact in a wide sphere, like an entire nation or the whole humanity.

The main weapons of the intellectual, antisocial personality are:

Half truth, untruth, wrong data (wrong information) and lies which are camouflaged as a putative truth.

The purpose of this misinformation is to forward their own devastating objectives, besides, it makes no difference whether it concerns their own creative lies or merely of promoting "scientists" for producing wrong data, in an urge to raise the credibility of the wrong information. Whole branches of knowledge and education systems have been penetrated in this way by half-truths and false information and were so not only made ineffective, but also dangerous.

The psychiatry shows, on this occasion, absolutely the shrillest example of absurd ideas and insane, public-dangerous solutions.

However, let us look back once again and carry out an evaluation to the architects of the chaos concerning their actual intentions. Let us first consider Thomas Robert Malthus, it appears at first but a laudable concern from him to worry about the future food supply of mankind. To solve these problems, there are indeed many solutions, but Malthus fixed completely to the only one 'logical solution of the population reduction'. His loud concrete proposals are:

The poorest of the poor, the lower classes may no longer proliferate so dramatically in the future; their 'sexual mania' had to be stopped. The wages of the working-class population may not be raised to prevent that the workers generate too early children. Arms care must be completely cut, so that the affected families cannot grow. Where appropriate, one should be subject to ‘ recurring reduction of the surplus population by famine, plague or war ‘. Looking at the one-sidedness of his solution proposals, then it looks objectively rather than he wanted to put the cart before the horse. One invented with a few mathematical formulas and the PR name "science" a reason to justify the ideas of an industrial lobby.

The results speak for it: the former English Prime Minister William Pitt withdrew the Bill on the improvement of poor relief. The wages of labour have been reduced further and the poor were made responsible for the misery of the time.

Malthus inspired Darwin (see quote in 'Architects of Chaos') and thus the second block to the edifice of ideas of National Socialism.

As the second corner pillar of the national socialism Charles Darwin should be examined critically, whose theses hit high waves and became the subject of discussion par excellence in the 19-th century. His researches referred at first to the animal world. His basic idea was that the different animal species originate from a natural selection. Animals adapt themselves to respective general living conditions and by a natural selection only the strongest, the best, the most survivable are left; the species are formed in this way.

Darwin joined his theory of natural selection with the assumptions of the Malthusian population theory. That is, his observations of the wildlife he clamped by the wrong idea about the uncontrollable population growth. Biological interpretations were transferred on developments of the human society. As well as Malthus, Darwin polemizsed with 'biological' arguments for 'social' consequences. Quotes:


... There is reason to suppose that the vaccinations have received thousands who would formerly have succumbed to smallpox due to their constitution. Through this it happens that the weakest limbs of the civilized society also reproduce her kind. No one who has devoted his attention to the breeding of domesticated animals, doubt that this will be detrimental to the race of man in the highest degree. It is astonishing how soon a lack of care leads to the degeneration of a domesticated race; but with the exception of the case concerning the people, no breeder is so ignorant that he allow his worst animals to breed “


and to another occasion:

If one throws a look at the world in one not very much distant future, which endless number of the low races will have been removed by higher more civilized, on the whole earth “


But how does the reality look like, in view of this theory? What happened with the strongest mammals on this planet? Have you seen any dinosaur these days? They have been all extinct. Man has become the rulers of the earth. How was that possible? Did he perfectly adapted to the environment? No, he has adapted the environment to him. This is the formula of his success! Why this is that way can be found at the end of this article.

Nietsche spoke absolutely openly of the " ruling race “, the " cleaning of the race “ and the " crucified races “. He further spoke of the " diligent race “ and made a distinction between " strong races “ and „ to dilapidated races “. He therefore made his (intentional or unintentional) contribution to an inhuman political philosophy. The virtues of the people got trampled by him. Strength, power, war love and joy of battle, however, glorified. His formulation arts may send single ones into raptures, his basic motives rather not.

Gobineau was an opponent of democracy, of the "community sense" and the " low races “ which he expressed by his "anti-philosophy".

Houston Stewart Chamberlain interpreted European history as a history of racial conflict, pointing to the entire history in this way. Only a strong race survived by his opinion.

Nothing is really wrong with strength, dynamic and power except a total fixation on this one aspect of existence alone. How important are creativity, intelligence, perseverance, integrity, honesty, tolerance, trust, respect, kindness decency etc. for the survival of a civilized race?

To carry out an evaluation on Psychiatry seems almost superfluous, since the brutalities which are expressed by the attitudes, citations and actions in the article „ architects of the horror “ speak for themselves.

But let us consider still closer at least the fixation of this profession on eugenics and the brain. These guys believe they only need to take and investigate just enough brains and the DNA of man and they would know everything about homo sapiens and could solve anything, in an assumption these are the only factors!

There is a common denominator between the architect of the chaos and the architects of the horror, this is:

The full ignorance and complete denial of the human spirit!

Man IS a non-material, spiritual being. Eternity lies behind every being and eternity is ahead of every being. The spirit is not subject to time, but to his own determination. The skills of this being can dwindle in accordance with its own considerations about itself and it can lose in this way power and ability.

Some qualities that come from a spiritual being are:

Love, kindness, admiration, dignity, courtesy, respect, trust, benevolence, forgiveness, tolerance, self-control, compassion, respect, goodness, honesty, decency, fairness, loyalty, justice.

The brain has less to do with all of that, except to convert these qualities under the command of the spiritual being into movements of the body or to pass on the perception impulses of the outside world reactions during the application of these virtues back to the commanding being. - The brain has only a subordinated relay function!

The spiritual being is the center of consciousness and knowledge. It causes thinking and action. In the case of man the brain transmits and coordinates only the impulses to control the muscles of the body and collects the impulses of perception channels in order to make information of perception available to its commander.

If you imagine how many lives were lost or made to zombies by psychiatric methods without the psychiatrist ever confessed that the brain is the wrong addressee of the treatment, then you can regard this truly as an extremely tragic false information.

However, if you consider how many people have been slaughtered in wars and concentration camps because they were regarded as a soulless, worthless piece of meat without dignity, then one can say with good reason that,


is the central false date (wrong information) of the whole humanity!

The fatal combination of WW3 is Suppressives in power positions, whom it is allowed to spread their lies and FALSE DATA (WRONG INFORMATIONS).


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