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The cycle of perpetual wars and crises




If we look at societies which can be tormented since centuries by crises, conflicts and wars and this situation could apparently not been terminated for good, we know without having to do any investigation, the following things:


  1. Some Suppressive persons have acquired a position of power in these societies and some antisocial supporters joined with these individuals an alliance to support this suppressive persons in its intentions.


  1. Each conflict can be solved solely through the application of communication. But if an undiscovered party exists and is not recognized and removed the conflict continues.


  1. Behind the openly fighting parties is an undiscovered party, which stirs up directly or indirectly the conflict between the fighting parties involved, but nevertheless supports all parties involved in the conflict, so that the conflict can be continued. The purpose is to obtain the greatest possible damage for all apparent involved parties, to turn away illusive threats and to get advantages for the own, in the background operating undiscovered party, by the constant impairment of the parties involved apparently in the conflict.


  1. Behind this undetected parties is the "elit" of the suppressive persons of this planet.


  1. More antisocial supporters continue to lend their power to this suppressive persons.


  1. Most of the social persons of this planet have fallen into some state of isolation and irresponsibility and let things happen.



What does that mean for our future if this is allowed to happen?


  1. This enables the suppressive persons to continue point 3 calmly and to develop their power undisturbed.


  1. If it concerns suppressive persons of the calculating type , the intention is that this process of destruction should run off all bit by bit and absolutely unnoticed.


  1. A slave society is formed step by step but there will be increasing revolts on the other front.


  1. The violence escalates and the civilization destroys itself.


The cycle begins again and the new civilization is progressing well, for so long until point 1 enters into force again. If a suppressive of the dramatizing type steps on the plan, which roars his intentions openly out, as for example in Germany under Hitler, then it comes to a short circuit within the evolved societies, because the social people can recognize the destructive intentions of this dramatizing psychotic fast and seize immediately measures against it.


However, if suppressive persons of the calculating type are in power, then this process is proceeding slowly and insidiously and the societies get gradually decomposed and eaten up by this intention. The social people don’t recognize this immediately, and so the decay is protracted. On a global level, the destructive power of this cycle refers not only to a country, but to the whole planet earth.





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