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Amazing Polly on 07/20/2021 - Globalist Science 1 - The takeover of power after World War II


7 minutes of original intro, then a replay of a video uploaded by DIE BRITTSCHE in July 2020 about the post-WWII effort to take control of science through control of the journals.


'Ghislaine Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell, was right in the middle of occupied Germany and acted as the interface for all incoming and outgoing information. I'm talking about NASA, China, cybernetics and how that relates to today.'


If you would like to support Polly's work, please visit her website.


You can also find the video with all the links & sharing outside of this page on Odyssey


All German Polly - translations on Telegram.






Amazing Polly - dated 07/28/2021 - I'm so fed up with the coronavirus.


Source: Bitchute (original) or Telegram

Source: Bitchute

Translation & voiceover: Ignatia Intolerantia


The top lies of the coronavirus (mixed with digs & documentary & series recommendations.)






'Have they isolated the virus at all? The PCR tests are useless to detect infections.


'Some 'experts' are lunatic fools and so are the people who listen to them.


Black fungus on the test sticks?


We live in an ANARCHY of EUGENICS.'


If you would like to support Polly's work, please visit her website.


You can also find the video with all links & for sharing outside here in German: Odyssey






More (Amazing) Polly from 04.08.2021 - Make happy slaves


Original Source: Bitchute/Rumble

Translation & voiceover: Brittsche


Polly pulls more strings from her last video about the Quandts. They miss the days of slave labor, Polly thinks. In this video she talks about the slave-using Nazi corporations linked to the Quandt's and their impact on today's world - the Great Reset, sustainable development, funded science, human testing in hospitals and research centers and more.


You can also find the video with the associated links and for sharing on Odyssey


Text versions for the hearing impaired can be found HERE






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