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A nation in the grip of hell


If one gets on the way as a German to look for the paradise and to postulate it, you can't help but to face what happened not long ago in this country. Not with the intention to sting over and over again in the same old wounds of a nation but to light up this situation in a way that additional knowledge can be pulled from it to recognize similar developments in the future faster. Then this would have for all people a greater benefit to deal once again with it, although this knowledge comes for the victims and their perpetrators too late.


For a redemption of debt only financial compensation for the victims of the Holocaust are not sufficient and may never be. If you have experienced this kind, then this is not only terrible for the period in which it was experienced, no, it pursues one for the rest of his life. The lost luck of a whole life cannot be compensated just only with money.


If I put myself in the situation of our victims, then I can see, even though I myself have not experienced it, that it would be important to understand, at least approximately, how all this could happen and to experience a kind of katharsis of the perpetrators, to ensure that such barbaric not even can take my children and grandchildren. If this subsequent processing leads to insights and a higher reason that would stifle future developments of this kind in their bud, then that could have at least for the future life of our victims a calming effect and bring back more safety in relation to their fellow human beings.


If we deal with such a infernal appearance, we must realize at first once, that we have to do it here with an exceptionally big and clenched range of perpetually devastating persons and groups of all shadings. There we have the executive crude and sadistic butchers of the homicide institutions and KZs (Concentration camps), but also the intellectual “pioneers” who ask for certain laws because they represent certain „ scientific theses “ which they wanted to have implemented. Still we have the over 'any doubt lofty medical profession' of the physical and psychiatric T4 experts (T4 was initially called the central administration in Berlin Tiergarten road 4, the headquarters for the as experts acting psychiatric 'authorities', which controlled the action of euthanasia. Later, the whole action was designated as T4.), who became, by a red + mark, the necessity of the homicide and a blue – mark, the permission to live on in their certificates, to arbitrary judges about life and death. Then we have a collection of inhuman psychiatrists who see a chance to finally be able to test their sadistic so-called 'scientific experiments' on the 'excessive, worthless human material'. We have the emerging pharmaceutical industry, which is nourished by this new 'insights' of their vocational psychiatric counterparts, emerged from the root of the company Bayer and subordinated companies into the company I.G. Farben (today again BASF), which is willingly producing in the later course of the events the deadly poison gas Zklon B, by the daughter company Degesch, for the mass destruction of the " Jewish human material “. (This person-despising mode of expression flows in here quite consciously to demonstrate the values of these contemporaries.) Last but not least, we have of course the well known political key figure Adolf Hitler and his close companions, having taken up all this demanded „ scientific, social-economic problems and insights “ of race hygiene and eugenics enthusiastically, believing with the 'only too reasonable measures of sterilization and euthanasia' they have found an answer, and admitted that they were carried out in the form of atrocities.


The people and groups listed above represent only a small selection of the continually destructive characters, which were actually involved in this disaster. It is not only the butchers and sadistically, perverted concentration camp supervisor and executors who have appeared for their victims obviously or “the one evil Austrian”, who has put the points in which the responsibility for the magnitude of the horror can be fixed, as the article „ architects of the horror “ will show.


But there is also another aspect, the numerically even larger group of antisocial supporters who have made a disaster of this magnitude possible. On this list of subordinated accomplices one also can do the round up personal and the drivers of the GEGRAT buses, the employees of the “ non-profit ambulance services GmbH ” (in the commercial register registered), whose actions were known in the beginnings of the euthanasia also under the name „ action Mercy death “ and later than "evacuation" or „ the disinfection “. The purpose of this Ltd (German GmbH) was to transfer the 'worthless human material' of the private nursing homes, as well as the “Caritas” and the “Inner Mission” (Christian welfare services) into the 'professional killing centers'. In Poland this method was designed later even more efficiently, by using transformed moving gas buses (pure carbon monoxide is passed from steel cylinders in the more crowded van body of trucks) which were camouflaged outwardly as an "Kaiser's coffee" car to wake no suspicion. Logically belongs to the antisocial supporters of the regime also the staff and the medical profession of all nursing homes, which accelerated the 'work' of the T4 experts, by delivering data of their patients in the form of patient data sheets. Also belong nevertheless many sponsors and party members of the NSDAP (Nazi Party at that time in Germany) who supported the regime actively, to the circle of the anti-social supporters, to name a few.


We are dealing with a disaster of unheard amount that can be estimated at 109 million dead people.


Killing took the beginning within the scope of the so-called „ euthanasia program “. Euthanasia literally means “help to die”. With the carried out „ euthanasia programs “ it concerns, actually, mass homicides according to the following pattern. Camouflage organizations, as the " Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft Heil- und Pflegeanstalten “(imperial healing and nursing institutions) looked for certain "illness signs" by means of questionnaires, however, searched also for the working achievement and the race affiliation. The questionnaires were handed over for the "evaluation" to the psychiatric experts of the T4 who decided, well paid for every report, in a plentiful distant diagnosis, with theirs red + and blue – marks about life and death of the patients. Affiliated front organizations, such as the “non-profit ambulance services GmbH”, passes the acquired in this way 'sick' and 'inferior' through transit stations into the killing centers. The number of victims of euthanasia moves around 100,000 to 200,000 people. In this way one got rid of the prisoners, of the incapacitated and politically and racially unpopular. However, the victims from the numerous psychiatric human experiments with subpressure and undercooling, typhus vaccines and sulfonamides remain unconsidered.


After the euthanasia was a smoothly launched program, one had gained the confidence to to start running the program for racial hygiene - the systematic extermination of Jews known as 'Semitic sub-humans'. The Nuremberg Tribunal estimates the number of Jews killed at 5.721.800. In 1939 there were about 15 million Jews worldwide, 1945, there were only 9 million left.


In the ensuing 2nd world war itself fell 27 million from 110 million soldiers. In addition, 25 million civilians died. 3 million people remained missing. The Soviet Union alone lost 20 million, China at least 10 million, Germany 4.6 million, another 2.5 million by escape, expulsion and deportation, Poland 2 million, Yugoslavia 5.8 million, Japan 1.7 million, France 600,000, United Kingdom 400,000, the United States 300,000 people.


From pure materially perspective it came to a destruction of towns, to devastations of wide regions in East Europe and Central Europe and to robberies and looting in Western and Southern Europe.


How was a tragedy of this magnitude and this cruelty generally possible? How could antisocial people come into a position to develop a destructive potential of this circumference, with such cruelty?


In order to answer this question and to get to the root of the problem, we need to go back to the time before national socialism. Although the basic roots of the problem are rooted much deeper in mind, we need, as regards national socialism to dazzle only 125 years back.


During the 44. Session of the Corona Hearing the Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav was heard by the German attorney Reiner Füllmich. This Interview can be found on my Telegram Chanel or as for alternative download.





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