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The spiritual causes



Perpetually devastating beings are a primary spiritual cause for illnesses. I range it in to spiritual causes because the source is always a spiritual being. If you as a person are in connection with a perpetually devastating person, you inherit by this connection a susceptibility to illnesses, mistakes and accidents. The intentions and actions that emanate from such a suppressive person, cause the social persons in their vicinity constant stress.


If this is a permanent connection, such as in a family, this can quickly lead to chronic physical and mental illnesses, up to a total psychotic breakdown. The broken down person standing under stress normally winds up in a psychiatric clinic. Then the suppressive member of the family is substituted with a psychiatrist or neurologist, who administers the broken person a lot of psychotropic drugs and if the person is still not quite finished, on top of that a few electric shocks or a tampering with his brain follows. Of course everything on prescription, and paid by the health insurance fund of the 'patient'. That's it then for the life of this person. The continually destructive family member, however can calmly concentrate on his next victim, to provide more candidates for psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. Sales increasing anti-social sponsors are obviously welcome and are seldom prosecuted.


Is the social person in such a relationship, however, much stronger and more dominant than the suppressive family member, then it may sometimes well happen that the suppressive must be recovered out of their flat as a corpse. In both cases the social person, whether inferior or dominant, lost the game because it either goes into the mental hospital or into jail. Personally, I would prefer the jail, because I am no friend of psychiatrists, psychiatric drugs, interventions in the brain and electroshock therapies. - NO - I would separate myself simply before something like that takes place!


What do we learn from this in terms of personal relationships?


The best solution is no relationship with such a person in the first place or one separates as quick as possible from such a suppressive person, as soon as one recognized the person as such.



False data


One of the intellectual main weapons of a suppressive personality is the deliberate spreading of false data in the society. The media, arts, religions, sciences, medicine, technology, basically all fields of knowledge and their faculty - none of this remained so far spared by the deliberate spreading of false data.


Even food and physical health became an example of the topic. In the beginning of the last century the food industry came up with the idea to produce sugar and carbohydrates in large quantities. Indeed, the preservation of the used raw materials had to be raised for it. The solution was to remove all 'unnecessary” fiber and cellulose from the raw grain and sugar, to be able to store the resulting white flour and refined sugar can for a long time. The argumentation was that concentrated energy would be supplied to the organism if one removed this (as an unnecessary ("roughage" respectable) fiber and cellulose, to save the organism the unnecessary effort of its co-processing. A German advertising campaign was so called into life on sugar, stating something like:


'for saving sugar are no needs - the body needs it, sugar feeds!'


This saying from a sugar factory in the Brühl (Germany) of the year 1927 was as advertising-effective as wrong. But my grandmother and my mother knew and heeded this advice, but with deadly consequences.


The false data in this calculation was that the “roughage” would be unnecessary. This wrong information has given us the explosion of today's diseases of civilization and has driven the spending for the health care systems into astronomical levels. It made the pharmaceutical industry enormously rich and the people very sick. In the eve advertisement of the ZDF (second German State Television, the “modern” German Propaganda Machinery for the older generation) almost only ads for pharmaceutical products can be found. So with false data – you see - one can earn a lot of money - even if only to the detriment of others.


An optimum conversion from sugars and carbohydrates into energy occurs in the body when all natural elements, like highly-unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, reductions, enzymes and even roughage and probably other unexplored substances as well, are present. In the untreated natural foods from the pure nature our bodies find everything to absorb and transform the necessary nutrients best.


That this catastrophic development of our nutrition, was politically but perfectly acceptable and even welcome, can be seen in the following quotations:


Control oil and you control states, check the food and you control the population”. Henry Kissinger


In 1974 Henry Kissinger said about the problem of overpopulation:


Enough food is there for the world, however, this must be prevented“


The articles under the button mankind gives you enough information where you can classify this contemporary concerning his motivation.


The Codex Alimentarius demonstrates in which direction our society gets pushed, so better read the Codex Humanus.


If you are directly in contact with a suppressive person, then you are in for it, that he will feed you with false data (incorrect, non-functional information). The intention is clear, this person wants to see you fail.


Would an individual only constantly work on getting rid of the false data he has accumulated and would fill the resulting vacuum of knowledge with the matching correct data, then he would become smarter steadily. His ability to find the right solutions for the problems he turns, rises and clear solutions are will come in sight.


False data leads to no real solution of the problem one needs to solve, but make it even more complex. Wrong data cause a knot in the mind which leads to no suitable answers. The education of a person can be blocked by false data completely, because functioning right data cannot be accepted, if false data is conflicting with it. False data can also cause that a person denies solutions and thus the problems become chronic and can apparently not be solved. This applies to all kinds of problems, no matter whether they relate to the problems of an individual, a community, a nation, or all of humanity.


A prime example of global scope is the current virus hysteria. Cells and viruses are the basic building blocks of all living organisms. The definitions in Wikipedia completely distort the importance of these viral building blocks for the organism's survival. At the beginning of the article, it starts immediately with the supposedly so dangerous pathogenic aspects of viruses, this goes on for pages that one could think that it is the greatest human threat. The fact that these particles, the so-called viruses, have never really been isolated to date and that no single experiment has ever really proven that they trigger contagious infections, that are transmitted from person to person, is not mentioned at all.


The importance of these building blocks for our organisms is then discussed at the end of the article – only a few people get reading that far. This completely distorts the importance of the information and gives the impression that creating danger and fear is the main purpose of this publication.


Another method of altered importance is shown to us on the WHO website:


The original WHO declaration for a pandemic read as follows:


'An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges to which the human population lacks immunity, resulting in multiple concurrent epidemics worldwide with enormous amounts of death and illness.'


On May 4, 2009, just less than a month before the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic was declared, the text on this website was changed as follows:


'A flu pandemic can occur when a new influenza virus emerges to which the human population has no immunity.'


The text 'huge number of deaths and illnesses' has been removed. After this change, it is enough for a disease to spread worldwide, which in principle every flu does, to declare a pandemic.


The statement in itself 'to which the human population has no immunity' represents a gross generalization.


There are merely individuals who are in different

physical and mental health conditions.


But there is no

"Population with a uniform degree of disease susceptibility"


This is completely undifferentiated thinking in complete equalities of A = A = A.


There may be individual suppressive people who find themselves in those states of mind, where everything that moves is equated with everything else that moves, but the normal rational person certainly thinks more in differences.


Every problem, regardless of its size and importance, can be solved if all necessary data are available and correct.


However, there's another problem, that lies more inside than outside of the person, but comes about while studying, in the mind of the students. Assuming in the subject that you want to learn all data are correct, then you may encounter still barriers, whose full scope and meaning is still not fully recognized and appreciated by our present education system.


An answer to this will be found in the following article.




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