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Definitions of different viewpoints,


for the concept a human:



French: humain, Latin: humanus = the ground; related to homo, -inis and also to Old English: guma = a man


In most dictionaries:

noun: A human being; person; man


Excerpts found in the modern more materialistic view of Wikipedia:


… „ The human brain is believed to be more "intelligent" in general than that of any other known species. While some non-human species are capable of creating structures and using simple tools — mostly through instinct and mimicry — human technology is vastly more complex, and is constantly evolving and improving through time. …

Brain masses of hominids:



Masse in g





Homo habilis


Homo erectus

880 900

Homo sapiens







In terms of intelligence are noted no significant differences between men and women.


Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics—including ways of thinking, feeling, and acting — which humans tend to have naturally, independently of the influence of culture. The questions of what these characteristics are, how fixed they are, and what causes them are amongst the oldest and most important questions in philosophy and science. ...


Each major religion has definitive beliefs regarding the human condition. For example, Buddhism teaches that life is a perpetual cycle of suffering, death, and rebirth from which humans can be liberated via the Noble Eightfold Path. In contrast, Christianity teaches that humans are born in a sinful condition and are doomed in the afterlife unless they receive salvation through Jesus Christ. “


Extract from the German Dictionary Duden 1966 Volume 5:


By soul and mind capable of higher perception, by consciousness and spirit able to think, to interpret, to arrange and to speak - nevertheless man is a spiritual person; endowed with freedom, will, and conscience, he stays in personal communication and responsibility with the people around him and in historical link with the people before and after him; “


Extracts from the German Dictionary Herder of 1957 volume 6:


The non-adaptedness of the human is tied up in its whole biological structure. The animal appears to us as environmental-bound and instinct secured, but the human as cosmopolitan and free in decision. …


The human In its bodily-spiritual appearance represents an exception from the totality of creatures. In his nature as a spiritual-personal being he is put from himself into freedom and at the same time by his bodiliness bound on physical connection, but not completely embraced by it.


Man is never completed and salvaged in his life, but on the way to himself, and in this way threatened and seducible in body and soul. He is not completely free, but pointed out towards nature and bound to its own natural conditions. “


Extract from a scouts report of a higher spiritual civilization:


" On this earth there are also spiritual beings. However, they are greatly reduced in their abilities. Hardly one of these beings is able to apply enough energy to directly perceive the physical universe, without use of their bodily senses. They can perceive all at most their own thoughts and recordings directly and even with this they have difficulties. Usually they don't even know that they are spiritual beings. Almost every one of them thinks of himself to BE this flesh body, in which he resides.


The life span of these bodies lies nowadays on an average of 70 – to 80 years. They then leave this body and because they cannot accomplish much without a body, they get quickly bored and take a new body soon. Usually a freshly born body.


But strangely enough, they seem to want to forget everything that happened before and start then as a "new person" again from the beginning. There are two genders, male and female, which multiply through sexuality. While a ¾ rotation of earth around the Sun a new human body grows in the female body, that when it is ripe it is pressed by the woman out of her body - so there is a new small human 'Baby Body'. The relatively inactive spirit without body takes, at this time or earlier, these new baby body over.


Now he has to concentrate on how to control this new body with its relatively small force. Since the spirit is unable to create enough energy to control the body directly, it therefore depends on the body's own forces and information flows. At first it must learn to scan the perception of the body. It also has to find out how to use the cellular switchboard of this body, so that it can control and coordinate the muscle power of this new body. That control panel is referred to by the people as the brain. Only if the person has mastered this, the being can control independently its body.


Then, the baby can turn to the environment and learn then to duplicate communication noises from other people and to imitate it with its own body. These noises are coming out of a hole, the mouth, sitting at the highest point of the body, in the front of the head. The head also includes two ears and eyes for stereophonic spatial hearing and seeing. In the top half of the head sits the main monitoring device for this spiritual beings, the brain.


Because this is so important for humans, there are professions that deal exclusively with the brain, they are called psychiatrists or specialized neurologists. All the nerve connections, all information and control impulses of the human body are running through the brain. The psychiatrist (Greek: psyche = soul, iatros = doctor, so 'a doctor of the soul') deals supposedly with the soul, the spirit and behavioral disorders in humans. Unfortunately they completely deny the existence of a spiritual being or an immortal soul, what stands in itself in complete contradiction to their job title.


These psychiatrists do practically not deal at all with the human soul and know virtually nothing at all about that. Hence, they believe only by electric and biochemical influence on the brain to be able to change the character and the behavior of the person. These approaches are of course just as absurd as their thinking in identifications - 'soul = brain'. The result of their work has indeed impact on the character of their patients because they become zombies, suicides, persons running amok, gunmen, suicide bombers, terrorists or sadistic warriors.


The psychiatrist thus ensure that their patients never find out about their own spiritual nature. They are so to speak two in one, creators of spiritual slaves and creators of a dangerous environment by releasing their victims to humanity. Noteworthy is, although subjects like amok runs and terrorism dominate the media of earth nowadays, nobody of the earth people recognizes that psychiatry is the cause behind these developments. The citizens as well as the politicians of the involved nations are shocked, but grope completely in the dark regarding the causes of terror and amok runs – The “PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT” with so called PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS and the means of ELECTRO- and other SCHOCKS .


If we like to assist the people of earth in a spiritual way, the field of the psychiatry would have at first to be abolished from the surface of earth - then also the source of the wrong information about the peoples true spiritual nature will vanish and the existing vacuum of knowledge and certainty could be filled with truthful and functioning answers."



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