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The condition of mankind




If one likes to introduce new ecologically friendly technologies into groups, nations or societies, as it can be found on this planet, one has to be aware of the fact how its population is composed of, regarding their intentions.


The first rule which one must understand and accept as a fact, is, that behind every phenomenon within a civilization or culture one will find as a source a someone with an intention, or a group with the matching intentions. This is true for both, the positive and for the negative phenomena. As long as you have not really understood this and can accept it as fact, you need not to go on reading this article. In this case I recommend you to do some examples of how this „rule“ is not right and afterwards in turn find some examples that shows the rule is right and continue with it, until you have found your own opinion regarding this rule and then you can decide whether you like to go on reading or not.


A few potential examples for this rule as inspiration


Let us first consider some positive examples. A cultural example would be, you go to a classical concert. Someone has composed this music, the conductor interprets the piece and different musicians play the instruments, so you can hear them. Many Individuals are here at work.


An example for our civilization would be, you turn the light on at home. Tesla has postulated the AC. Edison invented the light bulb. People have produced your special luminous means in a factory. Someone has made the switches and wires that were installed in your house. Maybe you have installed these things in your house, while most likely other people have built the power plant and the mains, which brings the power to your bulb. This is surely easy to understand.


Now, the same principle applies also to negative phenomena within a civilization or culture. Your house got robbed. Someone, who does not believe to be able to make money in other ways, did it.


Another invented example on a political level could be. A war breaks out and some citizens of the country get killed, others however should be threat and moved so much into panic that they rather would like to flee than to stay. (Someones Intention) Someone paid the aggressor for this work and supports them with weapons. The aggressors themselves are people (a target group of specific people), which is told by someone, that there are good reasons for all this violence.


The terrified population is told by someone on an anonymous way (via Internet), that Europe is a safe haven. A putative benevolent politician makes an invitation to intensify this reality. This leads to a mass migration to Europe. The media (newscasters, reporters, commentators) report massively on this in order to persuade the population of Europe to cooperate. (Intention) The supposedly benevolent chancellor, controlled by the same mafia-like structures (state debt to the private banks of oppressive people), which also finance the staging of the war by the aggressors, affirms “we can do it”. (an insidious intention to gain cooperation with the 'we' button in the population, although it is obvious that this leads to wanted tensions in the society) There are terrorist attacks and tensions by paid criminal provocateurs as well as by gunmen, from the forge of the sponsored psychiatrists. The populace is pounded with reports and talk shows until there is broad agreement that more control and surveillance is needed to keep them safe. (Intention: greater acceptance of the population for more control to prepare citizens for the curtailment of their basic rights so that further plans run more smoothly)


In short, someone has called this special war into life and embellished it with specific intentions and there are a lot of individuals, who are involved in its design and production.


Using the above examples, you can see that there are different motivations within humanity, constructive and destructive and they are always caused by beings or groups of beings.


This also applies to the so-called Euro- and Financial Crisis, the Refugee Crises as well as for all future crises that will be designed by someone in the future for certain purposes. Certain people dream them up, others carry them out and again othersreport” about them. The real originators and intentions remain concealed and the media reports merely about the chaotic results or all at most about some secondary causes to name some scapegoats for the people, without coming even close to a primary cause.


Would you do a survey in such a population on the subject 'Are wars and crises necessary?', then you could come to a surprising result.


75% - 80% of the population would reject a war as a solution for a conflict, thus the majority. 'Who needs a crisis?' would be the laughing reply to this topic.


Approximately 17-18 % or slightly more would admit that wars are important and also create jobs and lead other justification in the field. The view to crises of these 17-18 % would be, that they are inevitable due to the nature of man and we need all to realize one thing, that we have to live with it.


A very low percentage, maybe 2-3 % of the interviewees, would speak of an absolute necessity of wars and would bring all means of the justification and rhetoric into application for their argumentation. The worst among them would completely avoid to answer the question to the crises by trying to explain to you how complicated and incomprehensible all this relationships are, and people certainly are much too stupid to ever give a answer to this question.


An optimistic estimate of the composition of the population of this planet with regard to the fundamental nature of their intentions (motivation) could be formulated as follows.


The largest percentage, up to 80% of our population, accounts for the social personality. This circle of personalities concerns itself predominately with constructive actions and subjects which help not only themselves but also other.


The second largest grouping within the population is formed by people with antisocial tendencies. Their share in the total population is much lower and is at 17-18% These people stay in some way in connection with a suppressive being and their original constructive character is changed solely by these suppressive influence. A large part of the persons with antisocial tendencies works primarily directly or indirectly for the purposes of suppressive individuals or groups. This proportion could be called antisocial supporters.


The suppressive personality forms the smallest group, with a share of 2-3% of the total population. This type of person, however, has unfortunately mainly prescribed to continual devastation and destruction in an overtly or covert way.


Inquiries from the 60s of the last century show these percentages, therefore I consider the results from today's perspective as optimistic. The current experiences in the latest 'crisis of all crises' - the Corona crisis, however, indicate a considerable percentage increase in antisocial supporters.


One of my fundamental beliefs is that man is good and constructive in its basic nature. This also applies to the above minorities on the planet. Unfortunately, it is in this case so, that at a certain point in time, they have strayed from their original path in the course of their existence. If I would not have this firm belief, I would not make the effort to write about it!


But if we want to introduce peace and better technologies on this planet seriously and permanently, we can not avoid a solution to this problem. All social forces on this planet need to see this fact in the eye and share their part to shift the balance of power in favor of the social people, otherwise we all will experience the cycle of civilizations on earth as it will be described in the next article.


On a low ethical level of society, it is difficult to bring constructive technologies safely into use. If one ignores this fact, the new constructive technology (e. g. the utilization of free energy) will be perverted even to something that causes damage – in this case to a devastating ray weapon. The first real evidence for this 'assertion' provides a lecture held by Judy Wood on the first Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2012 in Hilversum. This presentation provides revealing circumstantial evidence about the causes for the collapsing Twin Towers on 11.09.2001 in New York.



The question after Who is behind this action will also answer the question why we found no constructive applications of the free energy technologies on our planet since Tesla.


Because the WHO and WHY (the devastating intention), which led us about all this centuries into wars, will still continue to have the power, as long as a smallelite” of this suppressive persons circle is granted the right for their devastating intentions, to damage and to enslave the rest of mankind.


So, if you belong to the 80 % of the social people, then you should stay very alert in the period ahead and get ready to strike back at any time, once you realize that things are pushed in the wrong direction.


If you belong to the 17-18 % you will have to choose for a side. But be aware of the fact, that with the wrong decision you put your mental and physical health at risk.


If you belong to the 2-3 %, then a break is available in your tireless struggle against this, as you name it: "run-down, moronic and useless scum", which constantly makes your life so hard. You will be granted the rest needed, to the extent necessary, to face your problems and you will finally find the appropriate hearing, so that you can rediscover your true nature again - to be constructive.


Finally a message for all of us, not one of us will get this “originally paradisical state of man” back until the cycle of perpetual wars and crises, as described in the next article, is broken. So let us confront and solve it.


So - let's tackle it TOGETHER and solve it.



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